Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hawk - Here Comes The Sun


Hawk was a South African progressive rock group from the early seventies. There's not much about them on the 'net but I managed to find this info, an excerpt:

... Hawk, far from being social commentators who viewed the madness from the safety of a stage and then went home to the safety and isolation of a divided South Africa, were caught up in center of the insane politics of the country.

One of the few multi-racial bands on the scene at that time, Hawk were finding that, while there was much to write and sing about, it was becoming increasingly difficult for the band and its members to operate.

Looking back today, Ornellas – now a preacher living in Muizenberg, near Cape Town - remembers those bizarre times, with the band finding it increasingly difficult to perform and grow creatively with the noose of apartheid tightening around their necks.

"I remember playing at the Klerksdorp Civic Centre. It was surreal: the black members of Hawk were not allowed to appear on stage with their white brothers. But a special concession was made and the black members were allowed to play as long as they were hidden behind a curtain on the stage." ...

Here Comes The Sun

I never saw them perform live but one day in about 1971, I was sleeping in a crash-pad in Hillbrow when I awoke to find two bearded cats looming over me. The shorter of the two demanded to know if I knew who his companion was - when I remained silent he proceeded to inform me that he was a member of Hawk, (which one, I forget), but by his tone I thought he expected me to say "Oh Wow!" and show some sign of adoration ... I remained silent.

The Hawk dude looked decidedly embarrassed as he and his dickhead friend turned and left the room ...

If you listen to the video, play it through to the end as it finishes with an African flavor.


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