Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Namibia Desert Dash 2009 - Pictures, Images, Photos.


I've uploaded a whole gang of pictures of the Namibia Desert Dash 2009 ...

... Go take a look - you might be in one of them, or somebody you know might be ...

The images have been resized to save space in my picasa account - I'll keep them up for a few months - here are a few:

OneStonedCrow Pics

From Republikein:

'What started out as a challenge between a few friends in 2005, has evolved into one of the premium mountain bike endurance challenges in the world.

The entries for the longest single stage mountain bike race in the world has increased steadily since the inaugural event.

With off-road cycling growing steadily every year, it is clear that the popularity of this event is following suit. Countries such as Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Australia and the United States of America will be represented.'

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  1. nice pictures - looks mostly gravel

  2. Thanks OG & Lisleman ... yeah, it was fun ... but VERY hot and the road was terrible in many places ... the worst stretches were traveled on a moonless night so I couldn't get any pics ...

    Hat's off to everyone who completed it ... it was a really tough ride ...

    ... looking at some of the older guys who finished inspires me - makes me realize that old age does not have to be a time to sit around waiting for death ...

  3. There is so much beauty in the Desert's dryness. Great pics.

    The photo of the girl nex t the black tent. Is that a watering point?

  4. Thanks for the comment HV ...

    Yeah, I love the desert and the tent was pitched by someone at one of the checkpoints - probably by support crew waiting for their rider ... some of the slower riders took 3 - 4 hours between checkpoints ...

  5. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it