Thursday, February 11, 2010

Johnny Clegg - Great Heart

From Wiki: Johnny Clegg is a popular musician from South Africa, who has recorded and performed with his bands Juluka and Savuka.

Sometimes called Le Zoulou Blanc ("The White Zulu"), he is an important figure in South African popular music history, with songs that mix Zulu with English lyrics, and African with various Western European (such as Celtic) music styles ...

... At the height of the band's success in 1988, Michael Jackson had to cancel his show in Lyon, France, as he attracted a smaller audience than Johnny Clegg and Savuka.


The world is full of strange behavior
Every man has to be his own saviour
I know I can make it on my own if I try
But I'm searching for a Great Heart to stand me by
Underneath the African sky
A Great Heart to stand me by

I'm searching for the spirit of the Great Heart
To hold and keep me by
I'm searching for the spirit of the Great Heart
Under African sky
Sometimes I feel that you really know me
Sometimes there's so much you can show me

I love the rhythms in Clegg's bands' music and "Great Heart", which was the title song for the 1992 film Jock of the Bushveld, is one of my favorites.



  1. You have excelled yourself. That is hambo's type of music, superb video as well, started my day with a boost!

    I will bookmark that track for later use and see if madhatters want to post it, just grand!

  2. Thanks Dave ...

    ... it make my day when I receive feedback like this ...

  3. You set me off on a youtube trawl, came up with this;

    Saw them live during that same tour, great performance!


  4. Love, just love Johnny Clegg's music .... such powerful words & music that evokes such emotion ! Makes me want to put some on right now .....

  5. Hah! ... great stuff ... thanks Dave

  6. yes, powerful indeed Lynda ... perhaps I should have chosen the song "Asimbonanga" - today being the 20th anniversary of Mandela's release from prison ...

    ... I think that if I were to go overseas and I heard this music I would become very homesick ...