Monday, July 12, 2010




  1. I love these photos. There are so many types of grass, how some of them grow in the places they do amazes me. The tiniest crack in a tar road and and up it pops. Some of the them are also quite beautiful. Hope that all is well with you and the car is behaving! Diane

  2. Cool photos of grass. I was just watching an educational program about hyenas tonight in the wild (not sure what country as I came in part way through the program). I was just remarking how beautiful the grasses are there on the continent :-)

  3. this certainly is not Kentucky blue grass.

  4. The beauty of grass dotting the landscape:)

  5. Thanks for your support Friends - I'm staying up north for longer than anticipated and I've run out of scheduled posts ... so, unless I can think of something interesting to write about that I can copy and paste I'll be silent for awhile ...

    I trust that all is well in your worlds as it is in mine ...

    Hope to connect with you early next month ...


  6. I really like the whole serie.
    But the last one has something more.
    I think you could try to see it in black and white.
    Next week I will be in Botswana:I am counting the days.


  7. Hey there! how are you!?? love your selection of pictures on dried grasses .... so simple and so pretty! Gena D

  8. When I saw the title of this post, I thought it was going to be about .... ummm ... grass. Well, Stoned crow. You know the kind I'm talking about ;) he heee ...

  9. Hehe Lynda ... yes, with my nick and the title of this post one could be tempted to think it was about ...

    ... but I've decided to stay off the subject - I'd hate to be banned from Blogger or have an irritating warning message appear before you could enter my blog ... :)

    puff, puff