Sunday, October 3, 2010

Up In Smoke ...

Jason Hernandez - The Smokeman

Hey Friends,

Tomorrow I return to my home in the North again. I can't believe that two months have passed so quickly - Isn't it strange how slowly time dragged when we were young and how the years just flash past when we get older?

I hope to get some building done. Summer is here and the next two months are Namibia's hottest - I'll have to plan my days so that I work in the shade as much as possible, hopefully we'll get some early rains.

As most of you know, it's very difficult to blog at home because of my lousy internet connection there, so this blog will probably be static for the next two months.

I haven't prepared any drafts for automatic posting because to me the most satisfying part of blogging is in interacting with you, which I can't do on the smallholding. Automatic Posts just seem so hollow and impersonal.

I must confess that I'm suffering from an information overload right now and am actually looking forward to a world without TV or broadband internet access ... 'got to get ourselves back to the Garden'

My e-mail addy is on my profile page so if you've got news, (like you're planning a visit to Nam), or even just to say 'Hi', please do write - I check mail from time-to-time.

Thanks to you all for your visits, comments and interaction over the last two months, I've really enjoyed it.

I wish you health and good cheer - see you in December.


ps ... I couldn't resist sneaking this one in - For my recent Giraffe post I thought that I didn't have a pic to show how Giraffe splay their front legs to drink but I found some among my hundreds of unedited images:



  1. Sorry that you are going away again, but that is me being selfish as I enjoy your posts so much! Hope that you manage to get lots of building done, the car behaves and that you look after your back:-)

    Two weeks and I will be back in the UK for winter, but I am hoping that I have enough photos to keep going for at least one a week re France, and perhaps a cooking one in-between.

    I am always sorry to leave here as I love my solitude that I have in France. If I don't want to see anyone for weeks on end that is my choice - not so in the UK:-(

    Best of luck Diane

  2. Thanks for your good wishes Diane - I'm terribly unfit after pigging-out in front of the computer for the last two months so I'll be extra careful when I start building ... it'll probably also mean a couple of days of aching muscles before I'm in form again ...

    Yeah well, at least you'll have Nigel to console you in the UK but I know what you mean by enjoying solitude ...

    Have a safe journey.

  3. Enjoy your summer! I'll miss seeing your Namibia pictures, but will keep your blog in my Google Reader and if you come back, it'll pop up without me having to remember anything. Thanks for all the posts, I've really enjoyed them the last couple of months!

  4. ... and thank you in return Barbara, I'm really chuffed that you've enjoyed my Namibia posts - take care ...

  5. I've enjoyed getting to know your blog, and look forward to pictures of your house, and how it's progressing. Thanks a lot for the comment on my blog - it took me the best part of the day to load all the photos because of blips with blogspot... I can't understand why they can't sort out this sort of thing when they have millions of customers.... Oh well. Stay safe up north.

  6. Thanks for your greeting Caroline ... I hope to get some work done but the sun can be really harsh at this time of the year ...

  7. I add my greetings and best wishes for your summer at home. Like the others, I have enjoyed your posts and learning more about Namibia. See you at the other end of summer.

  8. Have a great summer..this sounds strange as I wore my winter coat for the first time this autumn season yesterday.
    Happy house building..and don't forget the sunblock..if you bother to use it that is :)
    ..and we await the next installment of pics on the progress of your house.
    Take care

  9. Thank you lgsquirrel ... I have enjoyed getting to know you and reading your blog too ... yeah, our summer goes on until the end of March but usually by that time we've had some cooling rain ... October and November are very dry here.

  10. Thank you Monica, I hope that you'll be inspired to write and paint in the next two months ...

    I don't use sunblock but I always wear a hat outdoors and lately I've taken to wearing a long-sleeved denim jacket, even on hot days, because I've found that the sun was really burning me badly and I'm terrified of skin cancer ...

    I hope to get some work done and I'll be sure to take pics - I still haven't decided how to do that roof but I'll have to make a decision soon ... perhaps if I've got enough rocks left over when I've finished the walls ...

    ... *sigh* ... I'm such a procrastinator ... :)

  11. "got to get ourselves back to the Garden" makes me think of Crosby Stills Nash and Young.
    I agree that auto posts would not be as good. To me blogging is a conversation.
    best of luck on the building.

  12. Yup ... that's Woodstock lisleman ... a conversation, that's a good description ...

    Thanks for the good wishes, you take care too hey ...

  13. Oh no ! That's the worst news I've heard all week .... 2 months without Crow blogging ?! HEEEEEELLLLLPPP ! I will surely suffer withdrawal symptoms :)

    Jokes aside, have a wonderful time working on your beautiful home & being away from TV/internet etc ... we will miss you but will all be here waiting for you when you get back again ! I will drop you a mail from time to time - just to check that a rock hasn't fallen on you or you haven't melted in the Nam heat or anything like that ;) HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!!!

  14. Going to miss you Graham, but I'm sure you'll have lots to say about how you spent your summer when you get back. We're sliding into the winter months here in New York, so when it gets too hot there, think of me with snow up to my hips (we get at least 100" of it up here) and when I get too cold I'll think of you in the heat.

    Blessings to you.

  15. Oh I'm going to miss all your wonderful posts and pics. But while you are chillin and buildin, I hope you will have time to take some more pics of the area in which you live. I hope too that you can drinks lots of water and avoid the sun as much as you can while building :-) I'm hoping to be in Africa by the time you return to the blogging world but sadly won't be near Nam.

  16. Thanks for the greetings and good wishes Lynda, Rachel and Penny - I miss you all already ...

    I've made it safely home but it's hot ... steaming hot - even sunrise, my favorite time of day, smells of fire and brimstone ... how I long for the cool desert nights ...

    You all take care hey ...

  17. Hi, I will miss checking into your posts for the wonderful photograhy. Two months won't be long going if you are busy building, best of luck with the endeavours!

  18. Glad you made it home safe and sound. I hope it cools off a bit for you.



    I couldn't not post this ... !!

    peace n love

  20. very kool post. I love that art work. Have you seen the you tube were Ozzy sings lennon's "How". I think you'll like it. Enjoy friend

  21. Thanks Peggy, Penny, David and Melanie ... all's well here, just freaking hot ...

  22. Hello Graham, I got a good catch up with what I had missed so. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. I visited all your posts since my last visit. I do want to share that I miss blogging (in the old traditional way :))

    Enjoy your home building. It is coming along real well (from the last pictures you shared). I have a friend in California who also builds his own home. So I know two people in this whole wide world that build their own houses.

    Cheers till then.

  23. Hey Fazlisa - nice to hear from you - I hope that all is well in your world ... it would be nice if you decide to start blogging again ...