Saturday, April 16, 2011

Walking My Wheel

Hey Friends,

From tomorrow I'll be off-line for three weeks - My eldest daughter, Megan, is coming back to Nam from London for a visit, I haven't seen her for two years.

I need to take Spirit to the Vet too, he's been wandering around with Mutt and disappeared for 5 days.

In the meantime, a few random pics that didn't make it into a post:

A resident Scorpion which I accidentally disturbed the last time I was home.

A large copper mural on the restaurant wall at the Hardap Dam - it depicts an African Fish Eagle taking it's prey.

Making a living in Lüderitz.

Street Art in Capetown

I ran inside to fetch my camera to photograph this 8cm long Centipede, I took one pic and my camera battery died. I ran inside again to replace it, took one pic and my CF card was full - I ran inside again to replace that and when I returned the creature was gone ... :) ... lovely colors hey?

An abandoned house in the desert - imagine living under those forbidding hills.

I loved the black-red contrast and the rock planted in the tire.

So, like this guy taking his wheel for a walk - I'm out of here ...

... before I go though, here's a song for you - it's a song I just love dancing to - dance with me:

Take care of yourselves my Friends.

I'll be Bach ...



  1. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing them with us. Enjoy your time with your daughter,are you going away?
    Kind regards Janine

  2. I'm catching up at last - and so are you: how lovely for you to see your daughter again. Have a lovely few weeks (and gee thanks for the first huge in-your-face photo of a scorpion, just what I needed to wake me up this morning!)

  3. Not sure where to start here! Have a great time with your daughter. The scorpion you can keep, the biggest ones I have seen are in the Congo! Love the copper mural, I think the fish eagle is the finest of all the eagles but that is just my opinion. That call first thing in the morning when you are out in the bush has so much going for it. The picture of the centipede is fantastic despite the hassles getting it. All the other pictures are great as well. As for the music, my connection in France is too slow it just cannot cope!!!!
    'See you' in 3 weeks. Diane

  4. Thanks Janine - I'm going to my home in the north of Namibia where I have a terrible internet connection and am unable to spend much time online ...

    ... I hope your Dad is recovering, please send my regards and tell him I'll keep him in my thoughts.

  5. Thanks Caroline - yes, I can't wait to see Meg again ...

    Hehehe ... sorry about scaring you with the scorpion - if it's any comfort, it's only a mildly venomous type ... :)

  6. Thanks Diane - yes, the Fish Eagle is a magnificent bird, too bad I've been unable to get a decent image of one ... the call is used as the signature tune for one of the radio stations here ... I bet it would make you homesick if you heard it ...

  7. Oh isn't that the most annoying..but you got a good snap of that scorpion. I had the deadliest kind scurry under my bed when I lived in the middle east a long time ago..and my roomie from France thought it amusing not inform me!!
    2 years is a long time, you must be so excited to see your daughter!!
    Great song to waltz out to...:)

  8. Hi Graham, glad I "caught" you before you go back to the north country, All the photos are lovely and I'm delighted to see that mural (outdoor) art is all over the world. Have a wonderful visit with your daughter. I am actually upcountry myself for a few days. Mom had to suddenly go to hospital and was in very bad shape. Doctor said we should get here to see her so here I am. I was so happy to arrive at night and find her doing much better than she had been earlier in the day. I hope it continues. Will be here for a few days monitoring everything and visiting. Drive safely as you head north.

  9. Hehe - yeah Monica ... it's a pain when your camera fails at a critical moment ... it was my own fault though.

    The rule of thumb here is scorpions with small pincers and fat tails are dangerous nd those with large pincers and thin tails are less so ...

    Thanks for the Dance, good Lady ... :)

  10. Jeepers Penny, you must have had a fright when the doctor called you ... I'm glad to hear that your Mom's a bit better and wish her a speedy recovery.

    Enjoy your stay in the country - I'm running around here trying to get organized ...

  11. The song is really nice and it is playing nicely now as I write. It makes me sad though. You always leave us with wonderful pictures, funny quotes, and now a real nice song. Thank you, we shall miss you.

  12. I really love Avalon and music from Brian Ferry and Roxy Music.
    We have similar tastes:I own two cats too,but scorpions and centipedes in Italy are really smaller :)

  13. Great pictures. Like the man rolling the tire, I think it's good exercise and fun.

  14. Hello Graham, I was so caught up with myself, I missed to wish you happy time with Megan. Two years is a long time, I can imagine your excitement and how much you had missed her. Did I tell you my daughter was also Megan. Megan Hanis Faizah. We lost her when she was just two day old.

  15. Have a great time with your daughter.--Inger

  16. Have a good time with her Graham. You deserve it! And thank you for the pics. See you in 3 weeks!!

  17. Your pictures are, as usual, just beautiful. Enjoy your time with your daughter and we look forward to your return to blogging.

  18. Hello Fazlisa, Andrea, Keats, Inger, Oswaldo & Slowvelder - Thank You for your comments and greetings - I am well ... Spirit goes to the Vet next week and Meg arrives soon ...

    ... keep well yourselves hey ...

  19. OneStonedCrow!

    That will not give me enough time to fully explore this wonderful place and your photos and postings, but it is a start.

    I cannot tell you how much I enjoy being here! and that I cannot leave aside all that I am doing to get over here sufficiently ... well, it pains me.

    I am highlighting you for tomorrow's Blog Feature.

    Attention World: OneStonedCrow is first rank, top of the line!

    Have a great time, a great reunion and visit!


  20. Lovely colours of the centipedeindeed even thoughI'd probably run away...


    Enjoy your time with your daughter...Roxy Music certainly brings memories of the 80's back...


  21. Thanks Kat, you are very kind - Thanks Calvin ... be online again soon I hope ...

  22. Thanks for your visit and kind comment Elettra.

  23. I just cannot get over your photos Graham. They are not only beautiful, but they are creative and unique in both what you choose to capture, and the perspective of what you capture. Just mind blowing.

    Also, amazing that you got to see your daughter again and after TWO years. Wow!

    And yes, this song is fabulous, a GREAT dancing song. Just love it.

    Julie left a comment on my blog in response to my comment about YOUR blog. Here is the link: Just look for your comment and under it you will see her comment beneath your reply to me. Hope that makes sense. LOL! :) Take care my friend. It is SO good to connect again. Been going through many of your old posts. Just LOVING them. !!! :) :)

  24. Thanks for your very kind comment Robin - and also for taking the time to wade through a few of my older posts ... I appreciate it ...

    ... sadly I can't claim any photographic skill because I usually just put my camera on auto and hope for the best ... occasionally I get a good shot ...

  25. Hi Graham, recently this week I wondered if you're back and blogging. And you were. Obviously this past week I just missed your links on my dashboard. So glad your daughter and you could catch up. Hope you're having a great time in Cape Town. Oh, I'm also glad you're taking Spirit to the vet. I have brought our Sudanes-turned-South-African-turned-East-African cat back to the valley with us. Thanks for these stunning photos. I love the centrepede. Very colourful and unusual.