Friday, December 26, 2008


OneStonedCrow Pics
It's summertime here in Namibia, good rains are falling in the north; mother nature is providing all sorts of yummy delicacies ... mushrooms, flying ants, berries, mopani worms and these giant frogs ...

I photographed this young man with his catch two years ago near Tsintsabis

Although I haven't sampled the frogs, I'm told that they're delicious (tastes like chikken), ... I have tried deep-fried flying ants and mopani worms though ... not bad, but a bit too rich and fatty for me, ... an acquired taste I guess ...

ps ... apologies to vegetarians who may stumble upon this post :)



  1. chikken - hehe, that is our Malay English. There are quite a number of Chinese restaurants here that serve frogs. I do not know how they cook them, fried, steamed or otherwise.

    I've started reading your posts like a book, out of my genuine interest in Namibia, and Southern Africa.

  2. Hehe Fazlisa - I don't think I could eat them even if cooked by an expert ... thanks for going to the trouble of reading all my old posts ... I hope you find them interesting ...