Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I came upon these dudes standing on the back of a pickup truck at Steinkopf in South Africa's northern Cape - they were selling fresh Snoek, a delicious fish, which had been caught at Port Nolloth, a coastal town, about 100ks away:
I had a long journey ahead and no ice-box so I couldn't buy any, but when I told the guy with the shades that I thought his beard (baardjie) was supercool he was more than happy to pose for a close-up pic:

OneStonedCrow Pics
I've been out fishing for Snoek once - they're caught on a line by means of a metallic spinner, or lure, attached to a large hook which is dragged from the back of the moving boat.

They have a fearsome set of teeth and as they're dragged onto the deck they're clubbed with a wooden mallet to subdue them so that the hook can be removed:

Credit: Unknown
Thyrsites atun
Snoek is found in Southern Hemisphere waters and I believe it's known as 'barracouta' in Oz ...



  1. Graham, what language do you speak? I mean your daily household language? And how many languages can you speak?

  2. English is my home language Fazlisa - I also speak Afrikaans and understand German but I'm not confident enough to conduct a conversation in that language ... I also know a few words in he Owambo language ...