Monday, January 4, 2010

Message In A Bottle

2010 has started badly; early on new year's day I was told that the lady who looks after my house when I'm not here, had died.

Meme Anna was one of the few people I trust to take care of Stoffel and other animals properly.

She was someone I depended on heavily when I'm away in the desert.

Her death means that I have to stay here in the north of Nam until I can re-organize my life.

It also means that I'm marooned in spayce ... I've explained before why I can't afford to be online much but, instead of going cold turkey, I'll try to answer comments and post the occasional draft that I have saved ... a kind of hit-and-run operation ... (believe me, it can take 4 to 5 minutes to load a page - if it doesn't just time-out) ...

Anyway, while I'm here I'll be building and thinking.

You guys must keep in touch hey ...



  1. I have wondered if you had gone to your northern home. I am really sorry to hear about the news. I hope Meme Anna's family is alright and accepting her passing with patience.

    Did you ever post more pictures of your house? I'll try to find them.

    I have not checked out who Stoffel is, scared it might jump on me or I might jump on the coffee table. I'll get my son to explore first.

    Message in a bottle! How appropriate. It is so true sometimes, because we just don't know who is going to pick it up.

    I hope you are able to settle things. A little transitioning, believe me, sometimes can be a good thing.

  2. Hey Graham, If I lived closer, (say on your continent) I'd offer to look after the monkey :)
    ..I definately get what you are saying about the bonds developed with animals. Lately I catch myself chatting up my dog when we are out walking, I look up and there's the postal lady grinning at me.

  3. sorry to heard about the lost. She was a good friend too - I'm guessing.

    So the message in the bottle communication time is like your internet connection because a serious message of death is not one that makes me think of a message in a bottle.

  4. Thanks OG - Yes, my perspective has changed, I take too much for granted.

    Every muscle in my body, aching from physical work, reminds me how slack I become when I have a high-speed internet connection ...

  5. Hehe Monica - a monkey-whisperer hey? ... they're furry-cute but can be pretty impish ...

    ... I know, I talk to the fur people, to chickens, bugs, whatever - sometimes they talk back ...

  6. Thanks lisleman - yes, I was trying to convey my feeling of isolation on this prehistoric dial-up connection ...