Sunday, September 27, 2009

OneStonedCrow's Stoned House

OneStonedCrow Pics

These are a few shots of the house I'm building.

I use rock which I drag off a hill about 5k's away. The smaller shiny rocks - I call them "magic rocks" - I collected in southern Namibia.

I do all of the work myself so it's taking a very long time and I've been at it, off-and-on, for about ten years now.

I'll probably never complete it in my lifetime and I hope my kids will carry on where I leave off ... :)



  1. Wow! Who are you? Petrocelli?

    On a serious note, it is beeeuutiful. It is a labour of love and it shines through. Maybe some day, you'll let us peek in the inside.

  2. Thanks OG,

    I'm leaving for the north of Nam tomorrow morning to spend five weeks or so building ...

    ... I'll try to remember to take some pics of the inside ...

    I don't have a reliable internet connection there so I won't be posting anything more 'till I get beck to the desert ...


  3. have a good trip!

    You post some amazing pics and so I'm not surprised that your house is like many of your pictures.

    Does that outside fireplace provide heat for the inside?

    thanks for the pics.

  4. Thanks lisleman ...

    yeah, it's a double chimney ... inside the house is a fireplace and the outside is a barbecue spot ...

    ... the hole in the chimney is my cave - I'm getting a bit old to climb around in it though ... :)

    cheers ... see you guys after awhile ...

  5. Hi, that is an amazing house and more impressive you are doing it all yourself.

  6. Thanks Rowe,

    yeah, it's a lot of work with many years' labor ahead ... just hope my health holds out ....

  7. Mr. Crow, that sure is one cool house...:-)

    Robbing a bank to get there now,

    Pauline the Enginehouse xxx

  8. Thanks Pauline ...

    ... if you can, please bring some of the loot over too ... I'd love to build a tower with a sunset-jacuzzi on top ...

  9. Graham, Amazing house!!! remember me ...a refugee from the ol' camp SU..glad to see you here

  10. Wow cool ... what a pleasant surprise! ... I visited your art web page only yesterday ...

    thanks for the visit and comment Monica - it's great to connect with you again - I trust that all's well in your world ...

    ... and yes, I'm also in the process of becoming a refugee ...

  11. It's beautiful .... and so unique. What a wonderful piece of yourself to leave to your children one day ...

  12. Wow, thanks for digging back this far on my blog and posting a comment Lynda ... I'll be doing an update post very soon ...