Thursday, April 1, 2010

Australian Alice - Alitji in Dreamland

Alitji in Dreamland

Alitji and her sister were playing in a creek-bed when a white kangaroo hopped past and disappeared into a hole in the ground.

Alitji gazed up into a tree and saw a large witchety grub.

Inside the wurlie the Spirit of the North Wind was nursing a baby, while another woman was cooking itunypa roots. A wild cat lay by the fire, grinning.

I found these images of an Australian Alice In Wonderland on a Russian Blog - I tried to Google it but could find no further info on the author and illustrator.



  1. As today is April Fools day; is this one? Damn good if it is!

  2. Howzit Dave ... haha, no ... I don't have the wit necessary to think up elaborate hoaxes - I've been fooled many times though ... even when I'm on full alert ... :)

  3. Having been off line for a week I have just caught up with your Capetown pics and the Ozzy ones. My sister in law lives in Ozz so I must see what her comment is. It is great to be back and following your blog. Need to catch up now with my own!! Diane

  4. welcome Back Diane - I'm still off-line and relying on my scheduled posts ... my internet connection is a right royal pain ...

  5. This scared me too. I like the African wonderland far better.