Sunday, April 25, 2010

True African Art

Jared Njuguna

From the homepage of True African Art: 'True African is an African art paintings online gallery store. Our concentration is on contemporary African paintings by African artists.'

Michael Wafula
Prayers Under God's Eye

'In our online African art paintings gallery, on many of our pages, you can watch exclusive video interviews of our African painter artists made on the scene in Kenya, East Africa.

These videos not only show you that we know our artists personally, but they also let you get up close to the people and culture that make the Black African art paintings you love.

The website also has extensive, unique, first hand biographical information on most of its African artists.'

Island Sunrise

The owner of True Africa Art, Gathinja Yamokoski, was born in Kenya and, being an artist herself, also features a page showcasing her own work on the site.

Gathinja Yamokoski

Pay True African Art a visit if you're interested in African Art - you'll probably find something you like ...


  1. Thanks for this post! I do like African art and I do also travel to Kenya now and then. This will be a good reference for me. Enjoy your day! Drop by over at my blog if you get a chance and join me on my walk.

  2. Thanks Joyful - I'll be there in a minute ... ermmm, now where did I put my walking shoes? ... :)

  3. Interesting pictures. African art always facinates me. Have a good Sunday. Diane

  4. Thanks Diane - here's wishing you a great day too ...

  5. Some lovely pieces here. I collect African art when I can, and am lucky to own 2 pieces by Steve Mbatia (one of the artists on the website link you provided) - I've written about these, and other pieces, on my blog before - the medium he uses (magazines, old newspapers) is quite unusual. That's great for you to mention & promote East African art on your blog today !

  6. Thanks Lynda - I'm not an art collector myself, but I believe that African art doesn't get the exposure it deserves ...

  7. Great blog OSC.
    Some really wonderful photo's.

    Talking of ululation.
    You can hear it a lot here in Egypt. Every Thursday night as the newly married couples tie the knot : )

  8. Thanks for the visit and comment Seashell ... hehehe @ the ululating newlyweds ... :)