Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cape Town - Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Colonel Bird's Bath



Euphorbia obesa

Whenever I'm in Cape Town I try to visit the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to get my fix of green - and gigantic old trees ... it always renews my spirit.

On my last recent quick visit to Cape Town, my camera was in for cleaning and it was raining so I couldn't get to the garden - these are pics from previous trips but they don't really capture the beauty of the place, I just thought they may be of interest to some.

Here's what this site has to say:

"Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is acclaimed as one of the great botanic gardens of the world. Few gardens can match the sheer grandeur of the setting of Kirstenbosch, against the eastern slopes of Cape Town’s Table Mountain.

... was the first botanic garden in the world to be devoted to a country's indigenous flora.

There are over 7000 species in cultivation at Kirstenbosch, including many rare and threatened species."



  1. Excellent series and tale relating; the last picture reminds me of the Easter Island monolith faces...

  2. I love Kirstenbosch but it is some time since I have been there. This brings back all the memories. Thanks. Diane

  3. Still very beautiful.

    Now I know where the first botanical garden is.

    Hope you got your car back, though being stranded at home is not a bad thing, that is if you have internet :)

  4. Fabulous greenery, very lush and tropical!

  5. Thanks Friends - my car is still in the garage and my internet connection seems worse than ever ... otherwise I'm well, organized and have all the supplies I need - the weather's chilly but not freezing, great for working outside ... tomorrow I start building again ...

  6. Beautiful photos. Sorry about the car and internet problems. This too shall pass....Hang in there.