Monday, June 14, 2010

Etosha Birds - Part 2

Lilac-breasted Roller

Black-shouldered Kite

Blacksmith Lapwing (Plover)

Egyptian Goose

Kori Bustard

Juv. Chanting Goshawk



  1. Oh my, you have us drooling here; lovely photos...

  2. All my favourite birds, that is definitely a black shouldered kite. When I worked at the Vet Research Lab in Zim I worked with a falcon expert. I learnt my basic falconry lessons using a black shouldered kite. Hope the car is back in circulation ASAP. Diane

  3. We get many of the same birds as you do, here in East Africa. I think the Lilac Breasted Roller is one of my favourites ! As always, your photo's are great :)

  4. colorful shots - The Egyptian Goose is interesting. First off, I've never heard of them and secondly they appear to have their eyes done up in makeup. We have Canadian Geese here and I wished they go back to Canada. They are one messy bird who take over the ponds and make walking around difficult.

  5. Thanks for the comments Friends - the last Etosha Birds post is scheduled in a few days time ...

    Today is the first winter's day here I've felt cold all day, though you folks from the frozen north would probably laugh and call me a sissy at what I consider 'cold' - anything below body-temp about sums it up ...

    I also hurt my back today, not in some noble pursuit like carrying rocks but by shoveling rubble ... urgh! - anyway, it gave me a good excuse to spend most of the afternoon snuggled-up warmly in bed and feel sorry for myself ... :)

  6. I'm speechless again seeing so much beauty. Hope you feel better soon.--Inger