Thursday, December 15, 2011

Julius & The Hong Kong Hash House Harriers

When I travelled to the North in October, I was accompanied by my buddy Stretch who had paid his first visit to the Southern Desert - we stopped at the Tropic Of Capricorn to take pics:

After setting my camera's timer I scrambled to get into the picture but, alas, I was too slow ...

I noticed that the reverse-sides of the Capricorn signs on either side of the road were plastered with stickers and messages left by travellers who'd stopped here.

Visitors from all over the world had left their mark.

I followed Dom's blog link and found an entry on his Namibia visit - I also found an image of him at the Tropic when he'd pasted his sticker on the sign.

Is that a Japanese Bunny? - and "Ratpanat"? ... that sounds like a word from Malaysia, or Singapore?

Disrupted by routine - Germany, Japan and Australia were here.

Though there is a hint of humour in this sticker left by the Hong Kong Hash House Harriers, (whoever they may be), there are also deadly serious undertones to it.

For those who don't know who Julius is, he's Julius Malema, the obnoxious, recently unseated ex-leader of South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) Youth League.

Malema is most notorious for inciting his followers by singing the anti-apartheid struggle song "Dubul’ iBhunu - Shoot the Boer" at his political rallies, hence the 'I'm not the Boer' reference on the sticker.

The word 'Boer' means farmer and is used more generally to refer to the whole Afrikaner population and, in a wider, derogatory sense, to all white-skinned people.

Even though South Africa's High Court has ruled that the song is 'hate speech', there are still people, like enlightened guru Bono of U2 fame, who jet into South Africa and the security of a luxury hotel, then declare that it's OK - there is a time and place to sing this racist song.

The inconvenient truth is that since 1987 almost FOUR THOUSAND white people (mostly Afrikaners) have been murdered in South African farm attacks, often tortured and slaughtered in the most barbaric way.

If you have the stomach for it, you can follow the links and read the list of victims' names and gory details here.

In light of the above, it would be interesting to learn on which occasions precisely, does Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bono deem it appropriate to sing a song which incites people to genocide - perhaps just before Malema's minions go out marauding?

The Washington-based organization Genocide Watch has rated South Africa as being at Stage 6 on it's 8 Stages of Genocide scale.

To me, the most frightening aspect about Malema is that, even though he's been temporarily disabled, he may well become a future President of South Africa.

Cartoon by Zapiro

... and on a lighter note, we did finally get it right - well, sort of ...



  1. Interesting, I didn't know all that...and you turned around :))))

  2. Yeah Monica - the world's mainstream media does not find the slaughter newsworthy ... no, we sallied forth ... :)

  3. i meant you turned around for the camera, something very rare :)

  4. Hehe sorry Monica - I'm a bit dull witted today ... :)

  5. Oh Graham, I adore that picture beyond words. Stretch is so adorable, I don't think I'll ever stop smiling looking at him in both poses. He is definitely quicker than you and ever ready! I love the first picture. Life is not going to be easy for me.

    Ratpanat sounds Thai to me.

    I am learning new things here and I feel scared Graham.

  6. Hehe yes Fazlisa, Stretch is popular with the Ladies - I probably should have got him to set the camera and do the running ... :)

  7. I just read a joke: In one hundred years, there will be all new people here.
    After watching the people running for president on the republican side and all the political pundits on TV, I found that to be a comforting thought. They are scary too, believe me.
    On a brighter note, I saw the Swedish flag on the second photo, so some Swedes were there too.

  8. Graham I love your photos and the stickers are lots of fun. No comment on the political side, I lived in Rhodesia, yes it was Rhodesia when I was there, and South Africa long enough to know how the farmers have been slaughtered.If I start.......

  9. Ha! you're very observant Inger - my apologies for neglecting the Swedish visitors - I must confess I had to google the flag so that I could identify it ...

    ... I'm dumbfounded that, in a country with such a large population as the USA, it can't produce more inspiring presidential candidates ...

    ... I wonder if there will still be anybody left in 100 years time ...

  10. Thanks Diane - I had to think long and hard before submitting this post because I don't usually do 'politics' on this blog ...

  11. We hear little of the Julius here. But when it has emerged I have really sat up and taken notice. It's a sign of an evil future. And it may happen.
    Also - Bono always was a twat.

  12. An evil future indeed Kerry - and you verbalise my sentiments about Bono exactly ... :)

  13. Very interesting photos. t is always interesting to see teh quirky things tourists do, like leaving their stickers on the sign, to leave their mark.

    I was aware of the situation in South Africa. Though as your say, the world's mainstream media does not find the situation newsworthy; from time to time here there is a documentary and or some in depth news coverage on the attacks against white people. I often wonder how life is for the black people after apartheid, (it wasn't so good before and I gather times are still hard for most of them) and for the white people left behind to try to build a new relationship. It is a difficult thing for a country to thrive economically with equal advantages for all, esp. in this global recession. I pray that things improve.

  14. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Penny - I dunno, I can't help but envision a bleak future, not only for S Africa, but for the whole world ...

    ... I think that the 'Arab Spring' and the 'Occupy' Movement is just the beginning of a world-wide revolution ...

  15. Hey Graham, please forgive all my typos in my first comment. Sometimes I just don't see them! I agree that the world is in for a wild ride and I do agree that what is happening in the middle east is the precursor. We've been seeing signs of it for awhile now.

    As for me, this is all in keeping with the Bible. I don't mean to be preachy here but certain things have to happen before other things can take place. Time will tell the non believer. I am just glad I have my faith.

  16. Thanks Penny - having spent my life in a predominately Christian culture I understand where you're coming from ...

  17. Thanks for educating us about Julius and what's happening in South Africa. It's sad that so often those who were once oppressed fail to learn not to do the same to others when they come into power. Instead of learning the pricelessness of humanity, they learn just the lust of power and hate.

    Hash House Harriers all around the world like to go on long runs as an excuse to binge on beer afterwards. They must drink even more if running around in Namibia.

    And I agree with oceangirl that ratpanat sounds Thai/.

  18. Awesome, the back of the signboard is way more interesting than the front!!
    I was lamenting the other day over bumper stickers ... people hardly have them anymore, devalues resale value i'm told (?) who buys something with mind to sell it?
    AS to the commentary, cest la vie, we know something more beautiful in humanity, than julius and his ilk.

    peace man, thanks for sharing the signboard!

  19. Hi Calvin - yes, the greedy among us, those obsessed with accumulating power and wealth at any cost, seem to be getting bolder - but they do so at their peril ... I think that the 'information age' makes it easier for ordinary people to be aware of what is going on and to take action ... it may take awhile but, they will take action ...

  20. Peace David - now that you mention it, I can't remember when last I saw a good bumper sticker ... perhaps they need a revival? ... :)