Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Canadian Cool In The Namibian Heat

A few weeks ago I was driving somewhere on a 165km stretch of road in the Desert.

The journey had been long, it was hot and I was in semi-automatic mode ...

Suddenly I passed a long-distance cyclist travelling in the opposite direction.

Alert now because I'd missed a photo-op, I spotted another cyclist approaching in the distance and so I slowed down, pulled off the road and grabbed my camera.

Lo and behold, it was a lady cyclist, kitted-out for a long-distance journey.

With a wave she stopped and pulled over - she told me that her name is Brenna and I heard well enough to get it right first time.

Brenna is Canadian and, together with her partner, who I had passed earlier, was cycling from Cape Town to Morocco ... I was amazed at the scale of their adventure.

She paused briefly to give me her e-mail address so I could post the pics to her.

With a last smile it was time for her to press on.

... and then she was gone, continuing her journey of a Lifetime.

I admire people who embark on this kind of adventure, travelling a continent on their own power, uncomplicated, with miles and miles to unclutter the mind - vulnerable and exposed to nature completely.

I think that Namibia is probably one of the best countries to cycle through.

Happy Trails Brenna.

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ps ... I posted this earlier but had to delete because the pics were not loading from my Picasa album ... I'm trying Photobucket, please let me know if there are any hassles with the images ...



  1. The pictures look fine to me, no problems there. I cycled from the bottom of the UK to the top of Scotland, 1610 km, plenty far enough for me, and even then I though I was nuts. Cape Town to Morocco is another story :(( Hope they make it. Diane

  2. Thanks Diane - the horizontal pics are being cut off a bit on the right-hand side ... I hope my picasa sorts itself out soon ...

    Whew yeah 1600ks is a long way ... funny I can still remember the first time I tried to ride a bicycle ... and fell off ... :)

  3. All of the photos came out fine no problem loading.What an adventure while they are still young enought o enjoy it and treasure their meemories.I am sure it beats Route 66 anyday!

  4. Thanks Peggy - I've seen a few Old Timers cycling on the road too ... I guess it's not too late for me yet ...

  5. She's beautiful and has a beautiful smile.

    Hi Graham, I am taking a break from blogging, and reading blogs, well, I want to try to see if I can do it :) I posted a poem and video on Malaysia, I thought you might enjoy it.

  6. Hi Fazlisa - I hope you won't be away from blogging too long ... :) ... sadly I'm having hassles with my internet connection (the whole of Southern Namibia is) and can't check out your video right now ... I'll be sure to do so as soon as the speed's returned ...

  7. Nabimia does look great for cycling except I still can't imagine being under the strong sun for very long. And Canadians are cool.

  8. Yeah Calvin - I too have wondered how people from the Frozen North handle all this sunshine but, as you say, it's probably because they're so cool ...

  9. WOW!!! and she has awesome hair, too!!
    very impressed with this. i met a french couple who road from france to italy and then around the entire continent! they are making a book of his illustrations and her poems about the places they visited.
    people do incredible things everyday!

  10. Awesome hair indeed ... an awesome person ... thanks for your visit & comment ljdflksjdflksdjf

  11. Go Girl! Fearless adventurers, indeed. I read about the park system in Namibia in an old National Geographic magazine and thought about you and your country. Great how well they are taking care of nature and animals there.

  12. Fearless Indeed Inger - Namibia is fortunate in that the 'authorities' have realised the benefits of preserving our natural heritage ...

  13. Hi Graham! Too much work and little time to come, but I am back (or bach as you say hahaha).
    Loved this post, and subscribe your words on Brenna and all these adventurers. I admire them too! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Haha ... welcome Bach and thank you Oswaldo ... yes, I must admit I'm a little envious of these long-distance travellers and a little sad that I didn't do this kind of thing when I was young ...

  15. This is cool. So many Canadians do this kind of things every year when they travel. This couple is really going the distance and through such heat. Kudos to them!

  16. Hi Graham .. Images are great - and she'll be so pleased to get the photos - and no doubt in due time keep in contact.

    That's one long journey ... good for them .. Diane doing top of Scotland to bottom of Uk .. is crazy too in my eyes .. but good for them .. wonderful you stopped for the pics .,,

    Thanks - Hilary

  17. Cool Indeed Penny - I doubt that, even if I had the fitness and means, whether I'd have the bravery to undertake such a journey ...

  18. Thanks Hilary - yes, I'm interested to hear about their progress and, if I do, I'll keep you updated ...