Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Road-trip Critters In Namibia

More critters seen on Road-trips in Namibia - most of the pics were taken on my last trip from the North:

A desert Dung Beetle with it's find - if I remember correctly this specimen was pulling the dung along, unlike most Dung Beetles I've seen which roll a ball and push it backwards with their hind legs.

En route to B├╝llsport early in the morning, this African Wild Cat ran across the road ahead of me and sat peering from the grass - it's the first time one has crossed my path.

A blow-up of the big-eared kitty - these wild cats interbreed with domestic cats.

A fuzzy shot of a dishevelled-looking Bat-eared Fox scurrying for the safety of the long grass - another 'first sighting' for me.

An unidentified Bird Of Prey soars above me.

A lone White Horse stands lost in the landscape.

A small herd of Springbuck stop to check me out.

A 90mm long Scorpion near the Orange River - you don't want to get zapped by this specimen - small pincers, fat tail = bad news.

A small herd of Mountain Zebra in he Namib Nauklauft Park. There are two species of Zebra in Namibia, the other being the Plains Zebra, which is found mainly in the Etosha National Park.

Two Zebras, One Ass.

I saw these animal symbols on a touring Camper-home in Grootfontein - it reminds me of the fighter pilots of old who put symbols of their 'kills' on their planes - is this guy trying to say that he's bagged all these beasts with his awesome caravan?

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  1. Awesome photos !!!
    Horse photo been voted favourite by the visitors ;-)
    Have a great evening :)

  2. Thanks David - I also like the horse

    ... you and your guests have a good one too hey.

  3. Merry Christmas to you Graham. I love the bird of prey in flight. Wow, what a photo! And I love the springbok and the zebras. In fact, I love them all! Have a great week. Blessings, Jo

  4. Thank you Jo - Compliments of the season to you and Grant ... I wish you a special year ahead.

  5. Your photos are all excellent. I have never seen a dung beetle pulling, fascinating, must be a different species.
    Now the only bat-eared fox I have seen was in the Sahara, never down South.
    The bird of prey is superb but I can't help with identification, sorry.
    The scorpion as you say is best kept at a distance!!
    Looking forward to you 2012 pictures. Have a good New Year Diane

  6. two zebras one ass - but you weren't in the picture? funny
    Like the lone horse the best.

  7. The zebras are exceptionally beautiful. They take my breath away. I am fascinated by the red sand. I do not know why.

  8. I too like the horse. It is a special find over there for you no doubt and it's white too!

  9. Thank you Diane - yes, the Dung Beetle was unusual ... perhaps they've adapted because it may be difficult to roll in the soft sand.

    Best wishes to you and Nigel for 2012.

  10. Hehehe Bill - good one ... :) ... I forgot to mention that the Ass was not in the shot ...

  11. I think the Mountain Zebras are prettier than the Plains Zebras Fazlisa - I've noticed that you like the red sand ... I'll see if I can find more pics to post sometime.

  12. Thanks Penny - I also got a pic of that same white Horse together with a Springbuck but I chose the lone horse as the better pic ...

  13. What IS with the caravan stickers. Intriguing.

  14. mmmm Kerry - I can only speculate that the caravan's owner is an artistic type travelling the world and hoping to see some of the beasts depicted ...

  15. Some great sightings Graham - superb photo of the scorpion.

  16. Thanks Jackie - that Scorpion was awesome-looking with it's 'hair' bristling in the sunshine.

  17. The bat eared fox is new to me too. I learn so much from your blog. Thanks.

  18. Thanks Calvin ... I've waited a long time to catch that fleeting glimpse of the Bat-eared Fox ...

  19. Hi Graham, just dropping by to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! All the best in 2012!

  20. Thank You Penny!!! - I wish you good health and a great year ahead.