Sunday, May 30, 2010

Desert Rainbow

A Rainbow in the Desert

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  1. Beautiful photos. Did you take these recently?

  2. If only we had the sun to go with our rain!! I would be more than happy to see a rainbow. Excellent pictures. Nigel's holiday is almost over and he is still waiting for some decent weather:) Diane

  3. Thanks Penny - no, I took them a year or so ago ...

    Thanks Diane - that's a bummer about your bad weather, I hope you see a little sunshine soon ...

  4. In my total ignorance I never thought of a desert having enough water vapour to make a rainbow! Nice pictures...

  5. Thanks Dave - where I'm at now is about 80km from the coast so it's often misty in the morning and with mountains behind thunderstorms often develop but never amount to much ...