Monday, January 2, 2012

More Far-out Farm Signs

More Farm Signs which have caused me to stop and take a pic:

In the last few years I've seen a proliferation of farms which have become Guest- or Game-farms in Namibia.

Tourism must be booming - even in these tough economic times I've seen an increase in the number of tourists self-driving and in Tour Buses, particularly on the more remote gravel roads.

An old mining ore-car marks the entrance to farm 'Kanabeam' near Ai-Ais Hot Springs.

I've always known these ore-cars as 'Cocopans' but I can't find any on-line reference confirming this. The closest I get is that the word is derived from the Afrikaans 'koek pan' - cake pan - and I guess that with a little stretch of imagination, it could resemble one.

Not very imaginative but hard to miss - an old tyre on a fence post.

I found it hard to believe that this family name is genuine - "Die Fokkense" is probably the Afrikaans equivalent of the "Fockers" of the 'Meet The Fockers' movie.

Hehe ... and the "Greatly Blessed, Deeply Loved" above the white heart made of an old tyre ...

A Hornbill adorns the sign at Ohange Lodge.

A Vulture-friendly farm.

Vultures are being endangered by farmers who use poison to kill vermin - the Vultures feed off the carcasses and are also poisoned.

On the edge of the Namib desert, a farm marker with a strange metal trunk attached to it - the box was empty.

'Berg' means 'mountain' in Afrikaans - this sign has been skilfully cut from a thin metal sheet.

Two male Oryx engaged in battle on this farm gate.

Kobo Kobo hills conservancy.

Often farmers in a particular area join together to form a Conservancy - I'm not sure exactly what this means or what the purpose is but, I'm guessing it has something to do with abiding by certain conservation principles.

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  1. Happy New Year, Graham! I just loved this post of all the signs and gate ornaments. The old tyre is brilliant and original. And I love the tin trunk on a pole. Thanks for sharing. Your photos are amazing as always. May 2012 be all you wish it to be. Greetings. Jo

  2. Thank you Jo - and best wishes to you too ... the new Year started strangely for me ... on New Years day I slept until nine in the morning, something I never do ... and despite the fact that I didn't party the night before ... mmmm ...

  3. So quirky and original - and some of the signs make you wonder if the owners have been living in isolation for too long! I remember the ones you posted last time - altogether a really interesting collection. I too love the one with its own postbox - I'd have been tempted to leave a message...

  4. Hehe yes Caroline - I should have left a message ... or an old sock if I had one ... :)

  5. Happy new year Graham!!

    It looks like a lunch box...the metal box, the sign over it that a boot and hat..maybe food is put there for passing hoboes :)))

  6. Lovely old signs. I love the one at the Die Berg's entry.

    The scenery is very beautiful even though it is obviously very dry. I'm sure I would enjoy a holiday there as long as I could keep cool enough.

    Happy New Year to you, Graham. I look forward to seeing ore of your photos in 2012.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about the vultures. Berg means mountain in Swedish as well. And I do love the sign with the box and wonder if it had something in it at one point in time.

  8. Happy New Year to you Monica - I hope it turns out to be a 'special' one for you.

    Hehe yes, it does look like a boot and a hat but as for passing hobos ... that farm is so remote I don't think any hobo would reach it alive ... :)

  9. I'm sure you would love Namibia too Penny - weatherwise, August/September are probably the bests times to visit - so, you have a few months left for planning your trip ... :)

  10. Hehe yeah, I wonder about the purpose of the box too Inger - perhaps it's just there so nosy travellers like me will stop and check it out ...

    ... yes, I dislike poisoning as much as those evil gin traps - I lost a dog who ate a bird which had died from (strychnine?) poisoning ... the bird had probably eaten a poisoned insect ...

  11. Those are some very imaginative signs. I was wondering if you have gotten some ideas for how to do the gate or signpost for your own home. I thought the vulture one was funny with the word "REST" which immediately got me thinking of a hungry vulture saying a little prayer over its carrion meal, "Rest in Peace!" I know. I have a sick mind. :)

  12. Hehe Calvin - yes, I know, sometimes my mind makes some weird associations too ...

    Nope, I'll think about an entrance after I've finished the main work on the house ...

  13. Happy 2012!! I hope you have a fantastic year! I love the sign with the box. I also love that you checked what was inside. I would have too. :)

  14. Best Wishes to You too Laurie - hehehe yeah, brave me ... I mean there might have been Spiders in the box ...

  15. the Fokkense one has an odd (in my opinion) drawing on it. I believe it is a drawing of an irrigation sprayer. Is that was it is?

  16. Well spotted Bill - yes, that is a drawing of irrigation sprayers ... the farm is on the banks of the Orange River and has massive sets of rotary sprayers on it.

  17. At last I am back on line :))
    This is a great post and love these photos. Do you think the tin box is for his post....
    My fvourite here is the two male Oryx, I think that is fantastic.
    You are lucky you do not have the problems that I do taking photos of signs. It is impossible to stop in the traffic here and taking photos while driving is not the best idea!!! Diane

  18. Great to see you on-line again Diane ...

    ... one of the reasons I prefer to be a passenger in a car is that I can just take photos to my heart's content ...

    ... hehe no, we don't have postmen in Namibia Diane ... I really don't have a clue as to the purpose of the box ...

  19. Your photos are stunning and I enjoyed the explanations as well.

  20. Thanks for your visit and comment Judy.

  21. Your latest post isn't showing up for some reason - hope it will, looks like some more lovely pics.

  22. Thanks Caroline - I published accidently and am still working on a draft ... will re-post in a few minutes.