Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bach and Forth

Hey Friends,

Tomorrow I head north to continue building on the house - my mind is in a bit of a muddle because I'm still procrastinating as to how to complete the top section of the en suite bathroom.

I've kind of made up my mind but I have two viable options, each with it's own challenges to overcome ... decisions, decisions ...

I'll be off-line for about two months. I do have a portable USB device called a 'Netman' which allows me to access the internet from anywhere except my home - just out of range of the signal ... I will be able to check mail occasionally, using my old and painfully slow connection.

In the meantime, a few pics:

An aircraft flies past the moon.

Sign at Tsaobis Leopard Park.

Sign at the entrance to a Wine Farm in South Africa - I guess when they're closed they just drive the tractor away ...

A dry river bed.

Sign at one of the large grape farms, Aussenkehr, Namibia

I couldn't resist snapping a pic of this woman with five kids in tow.

Moose McGregor's Desert Bakery, Solitaire, Namibia.

Game grazing around the waterhole at Twee Palms, Etosha pans - I hope to spend a few days at the Pans while I'm in the North.

I fell in love with this worm in the garden of a restaurant

On my way north I must stop in Windhoek, a city I dislike intensely - I'm desperate to find some suitable long-sleeved shirts to keep the sun off my arms. Lately I've noticed that cuts and sores are taking longer to heal and I'm terrified of skin cancer.

I want to thank you all for continuing to visit this blog. I love interacting with you and indeed, without your comments, I wouldn't be blogging.

Most off all, I value your kindness and friendship.

Keep well Friends - I'll see you after awhile ...



  1. I'll miss hearing from you, reading your posts and seeing your fantastic photos. Do take care in the sun. I hope you will find just the right shirts.

    I love today's photos, esp. the very interesting signs. They have such great signs in Africa.

    Journey safely.

  2. Thanks Penny - I hope to have a decent high-speed internet connection at home someday - it is available but, since I'm away much of the time, it's not cost-effective ...

    ... not many people wear long-sleeved shirts here so I'm not hopeful that I'll find anything suitable.

    Take care and keep well hey.

  3. Beautiful photos. Hope you find those long sleeve shirts. Other wise the highest SPF sunscreen you can find our African sun is a killer.

  4. Thanks Phillip - I'll probably have to use sunscreen - as a last resort - I've tried it some time ago but don't like it on my skin, makes me feel greasy and uncomfortable.

    keep well.

  5. "Bach" and Forth. Is that a typo or are you referring to your house. Here in New Zealand (or in the north island at least) a holiday house is called a bach. I always wondered where that name come from. Kerry

  6. Haha ... no, Kerry ... it's a spoof on Arnold in the Terminator movie ... his words "I'll be Back" ... but spoken in a Germanic accent - here's what I mean:

    Interesting that holiday homes there are called 'Bachs' though ... I can see how your question arose ...

  7. Oh dear... but you've only been back five minutes! Oh well - you're adding value to your house I guess. Keep out of the way of the snakes...
    What a place for comical signs Namibia is. Grapes sleeping - ch!
    Have a good few months, and take lots of pics of the progress, won't you?

  8. Thanks Caroline - I'll try avoid the snakes ... and I'll take pics ...

    Yes, there are some weird signs here :)

  9. Your signs always make me laugh :)
    Yes do take care when under the sun...and i speak for everyone..we will miss your blogging.

    Happy house building!

  10. Thanks Monica ... :) ... I'm no good at telling jokes or being funny so when I can bring a smile to Friends' faces it makes me happy ...

    ... like I said, I'm procrastinating and my mind is sneakily searching for other projects to distract me ... :)

    keep well hey

  11. I am sorry that you are on your way again but I know it is a job that you have to do, and the sooner the better. As the years pass these sort of jobs get more and more difficult! Love that sign to the Leopard but all great photos as usual. I will miss you but I will not email as I know how difficult downloading is.
    Take care, and take care of your back as well as your skin. Diane

  12. Thanks Diane - I know that as soon as I start working I'll have problems with my bach ... :) ... and the nerves in my left leg ... I'm reluctant to visit a quack though, because it might result in surgery ... I'm a coward, I know ...

    Hope you have a tolerable winter ...

  13. Thanks Graham, it is still quite mild, I just wonder what we have still to arrive!! Ops on you bach is not a good idea! Keep well. Diane

  14. Say hello to Stretch, tell him he is world famous and that he has a fan..:) Hold ALL Fur People for me.

    I look forward to see you again Graham.

  15. Hi Graham .. good luck with all things - I know that feeling of heat on the arms ... but I escaped back here. Look after yourself - better to do it now than later ..

    I look forward to seeing more pics etc when you're able to come back ..

    Cheers for now .. Hilary

  16. Thanks Fazlisa - I'm in Windhoek and tomorrow will brave the 'big city' ...

    ... I'll be sure to convey your greetings to Stretch when I see him ...

    ... and I'll just be able to hug Stoffel - the other two won't let me ... :)

  17. Thanks Hilary - yes, you're right ... prevention is better than cure ...

    ... I'm already looking forward to being on line again ...

    keep well :)

  18. Hello Graham, I meant all to include Mutt :) If he'll let you :)

  19. like the Leopard Park sign - smart leopards. Have a good trip

  20. hehe Fazlisa - no, Mutt won't let me hug him ... he bites and scratches if he thinks I'm about to restrict his movement ... only Stoffel can hug him ... :)

  21. Thanks Bill - yeah, I've heard about dumb humans who get out of their cars at waterholes, it's a wonder none of them have been chowed ... mind you, thinking about it, a tourist was eaten by lions a few years ago when he slept outside on a bench at Okaukuejo waterhole ...

  22. Hope you have a good time, ideas could flow through your mind to get the best solution. Thank you for sharing those wonderful pics. In the meantime I will take some tours to your older posts. I enjoy them everytime I come here as if it was the first time coming. Pics and texts, I enjoy them so much! Good luck friend!

  23. Safe travels Graham - will miss your posts.

  24. Hopefully your off-line time is going great. I just got an email full of Kulula airline pictures. They fly to Windhoek so maybe you have seen their colorful planes. It prompted a post out of me so come back and take a look.

  25. One thing I've learned from reading your blog, well, I have learned many, many things, but one that stands out: People in Namibia have a great sense of humor! I love all the crazy signs and other fun things they come up with. And that mom sure had her kids lined up with military precision, a great photo. I will miss you my friend and am looking forward to seeing the results of your hard work.

  26. just checking to see what condition your blog condition is in - looks like it's still out for lunch

  27. Hey man! We really miss you. OK, we understand that you must be busy, but we miss you anyway! We will see you soon! Good luck!

  28. I was sent here by Inger at Desert Canyon Living. Your post is fascinating & your pictrues are marvelous. I am now a follower.

  29. Wonderful photographs. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  30. Thanks for your kind comments Oswalo, Jackie, Bill, Inger, Fishducky and DeanO - I hope to be on-line again in a few weeks - the weather is great here - 4 weeks of glorious rain ...