Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year Bash - Afternoon

This last weekend I was invited to a New Year Bash and asked to take photos. The Bash was organised by a Mining company for the community of the small town.

I took about 1300 pics - a small selection in two posts:

The Bash started at midday and when I arrived the music was already beating-out and this Nama lady was dancing alone on the grass, seemingly in a world of her own.

Namibia's cultural diversity was highlighted by people in different costumes - here two Owambo Ladies make an entrance, swaying and dancing to the music.

Herero ladies in bright dresses - the dresses originate from the German colonial period of our history and are based on the fashion of the time.

Baby on mother's back, secured by a strip of goatskin.

A group of Nama people perform a traditional dance.

A local TV channel was there - here a presenter is interviewed.

After the traditional dances, the live groups started performing. They seemed to be all Namibian artists and I must confess I didn't know any of them - it became apparent though, they were well-known amongst the younger generation.

It was a very hot day and at about 3 pm the artists took a break. Games were organized for adults and kids and I slipped away for a few hours to find some shade.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the quality of our local musicians - I should try get out more ...

Our own reggae band, I wish I knew their name.


  1. It looks like a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the costumes of all kinds but I know I would simply melt in that heat.

  2. interesting pictures - the Herero ladies picture has the most striking difference between (I assume) mother and daughter. The mother is dressed in a clothing ensemble while the daughter is almost naked.

  3. Absolutely loved these pictures,those dresses are so intricate...I often think to myself I should take pictures of the folks here in RSA on payday...the whole world seem to dress up in their cultural best and hit the towns!

  4. Yes, it was great fun Penny - it's been many years since I've heard live music ...

    ... it was very hot during the day but as soon as the sun went down it became quite chilly ... the beauty of living in the desert ...

  5. Yeah, it is quite a contrast Bill ... the child is wearing traditional clothing from before the German colonial period ... it seems quit strange to me that the Herero people would adopt the fashion of their previous oppressors ...

  6. Thanks Liesel - yes, those ladies must spend a lot of money on their dresses ... I believe that they have a few layers of petticoats under the dresses to make them bloom out ... I can't begin to imagine how uncomfortable they must get in this heat ...

    ... yes, you should take pictures ... I don't know how people feel in SA but here in Nam people love being photographed ...

  7. What great photos. The clothes is fantastic, many Africans have excellent taste and they are always so colourful. The people also all seem to have a lot of rhythm in their souls. When I have watched dancing programmes they just seem to be naturals. Great post. Diane

  8. Thanks Diane - I can add nothing to what you say about the Rhythm and Colours of Africa - it's my soul ...

  9. What colors! Each picture is so, so interesting. I can't help but only think of the 1300 that we don't get to see. I like that picture of the singer in blue T.

  10. Graham, it wasn't blue, it was green.

  11. Thanks Fazlisa - whew! ... it took me three days to edit the images ... I wish I could show more ...

  12. Hi Graham .. 1300 photos .. phew - as the others say .. great to see them though and have 'the story' around them .. the musicians look great and I bet are really good.

    Sounds like a fun 'boiling' day .. oh how I remember those - not good times .. way too hot and the shade never seems to do much! Thankfully night cometh .... cheers Hilary

  13. Hehe Hilary ... this particular part of the desert sometimes has all four Seasons in one day ... this might sound strange but the climate here is actually mild ...