Saturday, August 10, 2013

On The Road

A selection of images from The Road - most taken during a recent trip:

The Outjo Maower - this Cool Cat and his Donkeys were nowhere to be seen ...

... he'd probably gone looking for help after suffering a Blowout.

Hmmm, I wonder if I should translate that message?

Ok ... it says "I've got a F#%*ing Reputation" - in other words, he's The Man!

A family of Warthog scramble under a fence, startled by the approach of the car.

Entrance sign at Camp Mara - the Metal Birds depict a species of Parrot endemic to the area.

This Kudu Bull jumped two fences then crossed the road and jumped another ...

... this jumping habit of theirs is especially dangerous at night and results in many road accidents.

Desert Balloon flights - I'd love to go on one but they're way too expensive.

A Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk feeds on roadkill - it has obviously been captured by Researchers at some time - notice the Ring on it's leg.

A Sociable Weavers' Nest forms a Cradle in a desert Tree - makes me feel like singing a Lullaby to them ...

A pair of Bat-eared Foxes warily watch the passing car.

A wreck in the Desert - it looks like the car rolled before catching fire - someones Namibian Vacation in ruins.

Driving on Gravel can be treacherous - especially for the inexperienced.

'World's End' a Guest Farm in the Desert.

'Biltong' is dried meat, similar to American 'Jerky' - Namibia is a Carnivore's Paradise.

A Mad Max type vehicle - it appears to have pumping equipment mounted on the back.

A Cheetah runs away from the Road - it was after Sunset and I only managed a few blurry shots.

Daughter Megan is arriving in Cape Town from London this weekend and I'm fetching her from there - my Internet connection will be sporadic for awhile ...

Take care Friends.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kavango From A Car - Pt. 2

More passing images, taken from a Car, on a recent trip to the Kavango region in Northern Namibia:

A young Man drives his Water-sleigh home.

'Welcome Shack Dweller" - I'm not sure what this means ...

Mom and Dad transporting Reeds and Kid a Bucket of Something.

This Building looks like it's collapsing from the middle, inwards.

An old Man walks along a path.

DRC Gearbox Doctor - a business along the Road.

A street scene in Rundu - the biggest town on the Okavango river, bordering Angola

Herding Cattle - Namibia suffered a drought this year and many farmers and crop-dependent people are receiving Aid.

Now this is what I call 'Pink' - Shocking against the dull winter colours.

Water Carriers - even the Kids pull their weight with this chore, except of course, those who are still strapped to Mama's back.

A Village scene.

Need I say more?

Kavango From A Car - Pt. 1