Sunday, July 1, 2012

This , That and Away

Tomorrow I'm heading North again for a few weeks to do some work on the House - I feel a sense of urgency to get as much of the heavy work done while I still enjoy relatively good health.

I'm unfit though, having pigged-out in front of computer and TV for the last month - I'm looking forward to a week of aching muscles ... :)

Watching worldwide events unfolding on TV has reinforced my belief that Global Chaos on an unprecedented scale is not only inevitable but, looming imminent.

With this in mind, a main priority is to finance and install a Solar-Powered pump on the borehole which would guarantee an independent Water source.

On a lighter note, a few random pics which I hope you'll like:

Grass like Snow.

A touring Motorcyclist on a remote gravel road - what's interesting about this guy is that he has a camera mounted on his helmet, allowing him to take pics all the time - how cool is that?

The Fur People alerted me to this Helmeted Terrapin near their cage - I was surprised to find it so far from water but, I've since heard that they're sometimes found in the most unlikely, inhospitable places.

Quiver tree -
Aloe dichotoma

A bird perched on an island in a sea of grass.

Two Dung Beetles vie for possession of the Ball.

This pic was taken from a moving car - a Woman in the middle of nowhere, carrying her possessions on her head.

Most rural African Women learn, from a young age, how to balance and transport sometimes unbelievably heavy loads on their heads for long distances.

The only thing I've ever seen a Man carry on his head is a hat.

I have no TV at home and don't feel confident about my Internet connection - I hope to be able to post occasionally but, even at best, my time on-line will be limited.

Keep well hey.