Sunday, August 26, 2012

... in from the Cold.

Hello Friends - I hope you're all well.

I'm back in the (cold) Desert - I've been on-line for a few days but, having been zapped by a bad bout of Flu, I've had no appetite for blogging, or anything else for that matter ... I just want to be warm again - I'm feeling a lot better now but still not quite Human yet ...

Up North, I spent two days in the Etosha Pans with Stretch Moonman but only took a few pics at home:

It was my intention to take advantage of the cooler weather to build-up the wall above the roof of the en suite Bathroom but, I didn't get very far because other opportunities arose when I found a guy to help finish the plumbing in the new kitchen and main bathroom and also do some of the plastering there.

I installed a solar water-heater on the en suite bathroom. The heater holds 85 litres of water - I only got to test it once as I was working on the shower floor at the same time. Although the winter sun was weak, I had a shower well after dark and the water was still hot.

A view of the new kitchen after the plumbing had been completed for a washbasin and washing machine and, the wall had been plastered.

On the left is one of the last remaining walls (white) of the old farmhouse - my next task here is to break down this wall and continue building the new wall, including a passageway through to the house and also a pantry.

All the work has to be done strategically because I need to ensure that Stoffel can't get out and go wandering.

Stoffel sitting at one of her favourite spots where she has a good view of what's going on outside - the marks on the window are from porridge - when she's finished her breakfast she comes to this window to bask in the morning sun and cleans her mouth by wiping it on the window.

Stoffel was not amused when I confined her to the main bedroom while we were working in the house - she showed her displeasure by shredding three rolls of toilet paper ... luckily they were a cheap, one-ply brand.

A noisy Grey Loerie eyes me from an early-blooming Acacia tree.

A hen looking for a place to nest in a rock feature.

Stoffel grooming my leg one evening - she doesn't like me to wear socks or shoes and always tries to take them off when I do ...

I had to wear socks because if my feet get cold, my whole body is cold.

A winter-flowering plant in the garden - I don't know what the name of this plant is - it looks like a succulent.

(Photo Credit: Unknown)

Travelling into the Desert I had the weirdest experience - I'd taken the gravel roads past Bullsport hunting for more rocks (I bagged eight) and the further South I travelled the colder and windier it became.

Shortly after sunset, between Maltahohe and Helmeringhausen, I pulled over to have a P and put a jacket on - when I got out of the heated cab I was struck by a cold wind such as I've never felt before ... I felt like I was in the grip of the claws of Death and after a few seconds I was doubled-up in an icy cramp - I didn't get out of the car again until I reached my destination.

At about 21h00, when I passed Aus, the wind was still howling and it was raining - I couldn't even see the lights of the town - the next morning the ground here was covered in snow as can be seen from the above pic, which I found on-line.

Well, now that I've been able to put a post together, I feel better already ... thanks.