Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tsauchab River Junk Art

On my previous trips past B├╝llsport I'd seen signboards for the Tsauchab River Campsite.

It was off my normal route but, on my way North a few weeks ago, I decided to detour and check it out ...

... I'm glad I did because, starting at the gate and all the way up the 300 meter driveway to the Reception Area, were hundreds of pieces of "Iron Art" created by the owner, Johan Steyn.

Above is a small display advertising one of the amenities of the Campsite, complete with Sunbather.

Rusty Aardvark - Johan has a knack of capturing animal peculiarities which make his creations instantly recognizable.

Come linger
awhile with me, under the Old Boot Tree ...

A determined Cyclist heads for the Hills.

One Blue Bottle - part of a display of dozens of similarly-colored Glass and Enamel items on an old dead tree.

What shade of blue would you say this is?

Bottle Blue?

A tufted Secretary Bird holds a Lizard in it's beak.

A Gas Bottle Couple lie basking in the Sunshine.

I wonder what the Bucket's for? ...

... junk dentures probably ...

I was informed by Johan that due to space restrictions he could only construct a half-Fokker - a proper one is two barrels long ...

... a local joke I guess ... :)

I enjoyed the private Bush Camp too, including a hot shower in the centre of a massive, ancient Wild Fig Tree.

... and surprises like this, a wooden Face in the Grass on one of the four-wheel drive tracks on the farm.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cape Town, My Eye - One

Good Morning, Cape Town! - on a clear day you can see Table Mountain forever.

For the first time ever I stayed in the City Centre and got a street-eye view of the buildings, which, though impressive to my desert mind, are likely tiny by world standards.

Cleaning Windows - not for the faint-hearted, I'm sure.

I had a Bird's-eye view touring the City on the top of an open Bus ...

An advertisement for Caterpillar mining equipment - I probably should know what make of car this is but I don't ... anyone?

One of the older buildings on Long Street, built in the late 1800's.

A tuft of Grass grows proudly defiant in a crack in the Concrete Jungle.

One of a series of murals on the outer walls of Mama Africa's - a store on Long Street - I didn't go in so can't tell you what they sell.

Friends stroll up a hill at Camps Bay - another old, familiar-looking car in the background.

Looking down a steep, covered sidewalk in the City.

This kid was thrilled when a member of a passing Drummer troupe noticed her admiration and exchanged a few words and a smile with her.

Continued Overleaf ...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Road-trip To Cape Town

Hello Friends

I'm well and back at Home - my Internet 'Device' is installed, it works but not much of an improvement over my old setup - needs some fine tuning ...

Anyway, it's not good enough to make me enthusiastic about surfing the web but at least I'm connected.

I've just come back from a camping visit to the Etosha Pans and, together with my Cape Town pics, have thousands of images to edit.

Here are a few from the road-trip to Cape Town

Crossing the bridge over the Orange River at Noordoewer.

A travelling couple stop at a Roadside rest place in the northern Cape.

A lone tree on a curve going up a hill.

A woman hitching a ride - she's holding a ten Rand note in her hand to indicate that she's prepared to pay for the ride - many Truckers make money on the side from hikers ...

A colourful Truck dominates the view.

A ring-knuckled driver concentrates as he negotiates a sharp bend in the road, his passenger with a far-away look - in the back a dude sleeps and in the front, a young girl blows a bubble into space ...

I liked the cars curving over the hill and the telephone poles curving under.

"Skattebol" is a cuddly Afrikaans term of endearment - out of place when applied to these hefty Truckers.

Bathed in Yellow - a traffic controller at road works in the mountains.

Out of the mountains and onto the flat wheat-lands a few hundred kilos from Cape Town.

Well, here goes, my first post from Home ...