Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Awesome Sites To See In Namibia

Visit the Matterhorn of Namibia

See the Oldest Known Meteorite on Planet Earth

Climb the Largest Sand Dunes in the World

View the 2,000 Year Old Welwitschia Mirabilis Plants

What more must I do to convince you folks to visit Nam hey? ... offer free beer 'n chikken? ... or what?

Photo Credits: Unknown

More at: 15 Awesome Sites To See In Namibia



  1. the sand dunes look like curry :)

  2. haha ... yes ... they can be very hot too ...

  3. Awesome. Will check on flight routes from Kuala Lumpur for info.

    What plant is that 2000 year old? Is it still alive?

  4. Heya OG - and welcome back ...

    Here's the Wiki link to the 2000 year old Welwitschia mirabilis