Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Caracal - Caracal caracal

Image Credit: Unknown
From Big Cats Online:

'The Caracal in appearance resembles the Lynx in having characteristic dark tufts on its large, pointed ears and is indeed often referred to as the African Lynx or Desert Lynx, however the caracal is not closely related to the true lynx species.

Extending the visual comparison, the body of the caracal is slimmer and less stocky, its legs are thinner and its tail longer than the Lynx. It can grow up to 3 feet in body length and sport a tail about a third of its body size.

The name Caracal is derived from the Turkish word "karakulakâ", meaning "black ear".

In hunting, the caracal is mainly nocturnal, but will also use the twilight hours to search out its prey. The caracal is also well known for using its agility and superior jumping ability to catch birds just after take-off.'

Image Credit: Unknown
These beautiful cats are rarely seen in the wild, I've never encountered one. My daughter is proud of the fact that she's seen them five times whilst she was working as a tour guide in the Etosha Pans in northern Namibia. I must admit, I'm pretty impressed with her ability to spot well camouflaged animals in the bush, even when she's driving ...

Here's a link to a post I did on some photo's she took of Caracal Orphans


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