Thursday, December 10, 2009



Fourteen 14, the artist, writes:

"For centuries, people have marveled over the unusual variations of body modification in the name of beauty and cultural identification -- the lip plates of the Mursi Tribe in Ethiopia, the facial tattoos of Tribal New Zealand's Maori, the elongated necks of the mountain-dwelling Kayan Tribe, and the most bizarre of them all, the Celebrity people of the Entertainment Industry.

Identified by their over-inflated lips, melon-sized chest implants, taut immovable facial skin, cheek implants, eyebrows nearly touching their scalps, hair extensions, and often skeletal frame, they can be spotted with great regularity in habitats such as tony boutiques and cafe hot spots.

Scientists theorize this bizarre conception of beauty is a result of the desperate quest to regain the dwindling blossom of youth even though the Celebrity often becomes more appalling than alluring."


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