Friday, December 25, 2009

Pentangle - Light Flight

Light Flight
Let's get away, you say, find a better place,
Miles and miles away from the city's race,
Look around for someone lying in the sunshine
Marking time, hear the sighs, close your eyes...

My favorite track from one of my favorite albums. There are a few live versions on YouTube but I chose this one because the sound quality is better.



  1. How did you first discover them?

    I always wondered whenever someone likes Indie music (music that you don't hear over the radio). Forgive me if this group is a classic and well-known and it is me who didn't know.

  2. Hey OG,

    Yeah, they are classic but they were not very well known outside of Folk music lovers ...

    ... I was at a radio personality's home once in about 1970 and he played their album "Basket of Light" - I liked it immediately and told him so - it turned out that he didn't like the album all that much and he gave it to me ...

  3. Wow. So the picture of the album cover is of the original?

    Radio personality and you in the 70s. So interesting. And this is in Namibia? Is the group local?

  4. ... yes, the album cover is original but I grabbed the image off the internet ... I lost my copy a long time ago ...

    They were a British group ... I was in South Africa at the time.

    The 'personality' I mentioned was an announcer - they used to get freebies of the latest music.

    Did you enjoy the song?

  5. My son told me that people like to listen to music that matches their heart beat. I guess the song did not match mind. But I enjoyed having the chance to listen to it.

    Hey..and that dude with the car, wasn't he something and the car was his artwork!