Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cape Town - The Signs They Are A Changin'

Children Playing In Flowers - Kamieskroon, Northern Cape

Look!! - Children For Sale
A sign outside a company which makes play-houses for kids and obviously meant to attract their attention.

Cemetery Beach - Muizenberg - No Dying Allowed

Trainspotters Will Be Railroaded - Fish Hoek

Convent Ahead, Yield for Nuns - Simonstown
Boulders Beach has a lot of penguins which are quite tame and there are even signs urging you to check under your car before driving off.

Keep Your Clothes On - Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay is a nudist beach near Llandudno. It's a fair walk from the parking area to the secluded beach itself.

Yield - or I'll scream
A sticker stuck on a yield sign - I knew I'd seen the face before but, somehow I just couldn't place it ... then someone reminded me ...

It's Janet Leigh in the famous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock' s 1960 film 'Psycho':



  1. nice collection. What an odd name for a beach. Who would want to go sun bathing or swimming at cemetery beach? I'm guessing there were many shipwrecks there and sailors buried.

    Oh do you mind if I copy and use that picture? I will certainly give you attribution for it.

  2. Thanks for the comments Lynda, lisleman and Diane ...

    Please feel free to use anything you want from my blog lisleman ... it gives me a certain satisfaction when others like my stuff ...

  3. I've been trying to get here all day and distractions just pilled up. Another lovely series of pics, but hang on, nudist beach at Llandudno in North Wales, what?

    No, bless my soul, there's one down sarf!

    I know which one I'd prefer take my kecks off in?

  4. Hahaha @ 'down sarf' ... well, you've got the accent ... now all you need is an all-over tan and you'd fit right in ...

  5. Great collection!! I can't decide which I like best... though the children in the flowers made me smile :)

  6. Hey thanks Kirsty ... yes, I like the kids in the flowers too ... it's a shame though, that most of the images are a bit fuzzy ...

  7. Hey you've got a great collection and they are all funny. And if I see correctly, they allow dogs to poop and do whatever else at Cemetery Beach.

  8. Thanks Fazlisa, I'm not sure exactly what IS allowed at Cemetery Beach ... it seems like the sign was erected by a bunch of grumpy old men ...

  9. Thanks for visiting and commenting DD, I appreciate it and hope you'll return ...