Saturday, March 20, 2010

Peter Binsbergen - South African Artist

Family Crossfire

Final resting place for a Spitfire Pilot. Jack Heald Rolt - 1945

Dungball - new space created

Peter Binsbergen

From Peter Binsbergen's bio on

Peter Binsbergen's art works speak vigorously for themselves. It is exactly through their strong visual impact that they convey their message or rather messages.

What messages, could be asked. They are messages of both the past and the present, messages of struggle, messages of lost dreams and even messages of human brutality.

But pay special attention to his generous use of symbols form the world of fauna and flora. What does that mean? It means life and freedom, since wild animals in their natural state roam freely. And trees, shrubs and flowers grow and bloom abundantly in freedom.

I love this blue and the sense of space.



  1. Interesting paintings as you say the sense of space is amazing.

  2. I had never heard of this artist before - his work is quite unusual. (I think I like the first one the most !) I collect African art but mostly have East African art, it's refreshing to see some South African art for a change.

    Have a great weekend - I hope you are surviving in the 'sticks'!

  3. since you like the blue and space, you must like the Hubble telescope pictures. They are amazing.

  4. @ lileman ... yes indeed, in fact I have one set as my computer wallpaper and I

    often get lost in it waiting for the machine to boot up ...