Friday, March 12, 2010

The Goat Tower

Photo Credit: Taxi81

Wiki says that 'The Goat Tower at Fairview Wine and Cheese estate is a landmark in the Paarl winelands of South Africa. It is the first of three documented structures of this kind.

The Goat Tower was built in 1981 by Fairview owner Charles Back and has become the farm's most identifiable symbol and aspect of their brand.'

There are also Goat Towers in Norway and Illinois in the USA - I've never seen the South African structure but I'll be sure to seek it out the next time I'm in the area ...

Image Credit: Unknown
Moo ...



  1. now you have me wondering - Illinois you say? I read a blog about a goat tower attraction in Wisconsin.
    Did you ever see goats on the mountain sides? These towers are nothing compared to that.

  2. The goat tower is great, it will also be on my list to see when we next visit S.A. I know the feeling with a slow connection, it is maddening - don't get too stoned waiting for it.
    Great to have you back even if for a short period.

  3. Moo back. Oh she's so cute. I felt like you popping in to say hello:)

  4. Amazing photos & I'm always impressed at the place that most goats can climb to/on to - I've even seen them on top of termite mounds here in Tanzania !

  5. Thanks for the comments friends - one thing this connection forces me to reflect on is "patience" ... grrr

    @ lisleman - Yeah, this is what Wiki has to say: 'United States - Illinois farmer David Johnson built his 31 foot tall goat tower in Shelby County, near Findlay, after seeing an article on Fairview in the magazine Decanter.'

    @ Diane - yes maddening is the word, but what else is there to do while I'm waiting :)

    @ Fazlisa - :) a cutie yes ...

    @ Lynda - I won't keep goats ... to much trouble when they get into the neighbor's fields ... they go anywhere ...

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  7. Towers with the goats are great, they also used to do a decent spread, but to be honest the best part about Fairview is their wines.

    Their pinotage (SA version Pinot Noir) is absolutely superb. The also do some pretty decent white wines too. Definitely a place to put on the list when wine tasting in the cape.

  8. Thanks for your visit and comment jaam - I'll be sure to look out for your pinotage recommendation if I'm ever in the area ...