Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Pretender - Don't Bug Me, I'm Dead

I think, from seeing references elsewhere, that this insect is called a Weevil:

This one's about 2cm round and when I touched it with a twig, it fell over and played dead. It looked kind of foolish because it knew that I knew that it was just pretending:

After a minute it slowly started to maneuver it's legs to stand up again:

And continued on it's way:



  1. Oh it's so cute.

    It looks like an ant beetle.

  2. hehe Fazlisa - yeah, it is kinda cute hey ...

  3. These close-up photo's and the detail you've captured in them are superb !

  4. If one of them turns up in our garden, the cats would run away. Do you do airmail supplies?

  5. Thanks for your kind comment Lynda and thanks again for the mention in your last post - I've had a lot of visitors via your blog ... :)

    Haha Dave ... well, if there's a great enough demand I may consider going into business - this creature seems pretty harmless though, I could send some bugs that are a whole lot meaner ...

  6. Cute! The most pathetic bug I've ever seen was also the most impressive - a rhinoceros beetle in tanzania. It somehow managed to get onto a ledge, then played dead everytime we tried to touch it - and everytime, lifted itself up eventually and ran off the ledge, falling onto its back, unable to get up again!

  7. Hehe ... thanks for sharing Kirsty ... yeah, ... pathetic is a good word to describe these bugs ... :)

  8. Brilliant pictures, but so funny that it played dead.

  9. Thanks Diane - I've found quite a few of these bugs and they all fall over and play dead if you touch them ... so funny ...

  10. Stunning Pictures!
    A very good and interesting macro serie.

  11. Replies
    1. Sorry Martyn ... all I can be fairly sure of is that it's a Weevil ... google it and you might get lucky ...