Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scenes From The Richtersveld

Crossing the Orange River from Namibia into South Africa at Sendelingsdrift.

OneStonedCrow Pics
Campfire on the banks of the Orange River near sunset.

More on the Richtersveld here.


  1. That is stuning! This is why I love Africa!

  2. Thanks for the visit and comment - yes this whole area including southern Namibia is stunning and largely unspoilt ...

    ... an additional bonus is that the previously restricted diamond area is being opened to tourism ...

  3. The tree looked like a shrine, like a Japanese person planted it there and made a garden around it.

  4. hehe yes, you're right Fazlisa - you've just made me feel like I want to spend a day sitting under it ... from dawn to dusk ... meditating ...