Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Few Plants From The Richtersveld

Boesmangif - Euphorbia virosa

Sentkannetjie - Crassula columnaris

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  1. Beautiful photos. Glad you have the car back, sorry about the bill but these things always seem to send up much more than expected:( Look after those hands remember you only have two of them:) Diane

  2. Hi Graham, good to hear that the works are going well even if the car bill is huge!

    The "things" in #2 remind me of two hairy marmots having a break...?

  3. I could see faces in the cactus. The plants are amazing. You must have to drive out there. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Thanks Friends - when I'm down south in the desert the Richtersveld is right on my doorstep, about a 20 minute drive ... I hope to visit there again later this year - hope all's well in your worlds ...

  5. the first two pics look much like cactus in our western states. The last two pictures are very different. They look like alien creatures.
    very nice thanks