Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scenes From Namibia's Southern Desert


Unusual heavy rains near Lüderitz - about four years ago.

Dicke Wilhelm - German heliograph station during the early 1900's

Sunrise kisses on a mountaintop - I travel this road quite often.

You have to see this in the flesh to appreciate the true colours ...

A few scenes from The Namibia's not-so-famous southern desert.

I'm not skilled enough to capture the essence of the landscapes - thinking about it, no-one can really 'capture' it - it's a subjective experience - some may feel fear, others may feel free - photos can only whet your appetite ...



  1. Beautiful photos! The rain and how it has pooled on the roads and in the desert in one of your photos looks like snow.

  2. Thanks Penny - the rain pic is a very rare occurrence indeed ...

  3. It's time I owned up that I've been enjoying your blog for some time, not just because (to me) you lead an unusual life. You're also a good photographer. As a photo addict myself, I particularly enjoyed the ones with rocks and wild grasses on a rugged mountainside a few posts back. Being allergic to early mornings isn't compatible with the hobby though - your dawn one in this post is lovely, and I shall probably never give myself the opportunity to take shots like this, unless I'm up late...

  4. Wow, Wow, Wow, amazing photos, I want to go there:-) Diane

  5. Yeah gg ... I stated in a post awhile ago that if I somehow came into a fortune I'd buy a luxury tour bus and fly a whole gang of you guys out here for a tour of Namibia ... it's a shame Nam has no Lotto because I'd love to show the country off ...

  6. Hello Caroline and thanks for your visits.

    Welcome to my blog's comment section - to me, this is the most satisfying aspect of the whole blogging experience ...

    ... hehe, if you miss the sunrise you've always got the 'golden hour' of sunset to look forward to ...

    Thanks for your kind comment - I hope that you'll become a regular


  7. Thanks Diane ... see my comment to gg above ... it applies to you as well ... :)

  8. I think you captured the essence just fine..especially the last three..amazing landscape

  9. Thanks Monica - yes, some of these landscapes really tug at the Spirit ... I think I've said before it's like being in a time-machine.

    I hope that you'll be able to bring your box of paints and experience them for yourself someday.

  10. They're all really beautiful photo's ... my favourite one is the fourth one - wow ! Thanks for once again sharing a part of your beautiful country with us, through your eyes .... I'll hop on that tour bus too, if you don't mind ... I'll sit in between Joyful & Diane & promise to bring lots of tasty 'padkos' for us all to eat ;)

  11. Thanks Lynda - your seat on the bus is reserved - I'll guard your picnic basket while you're enjoying the scenery ... :)

  12. I once saw the sun rise over the Mojave desert here in California, painting the buttes and mountains in shimmer of pink and blue. I will never forget it.

  13. A magical time Inger - sunrise is my favorite part of the day ...

  14. I love the desert in Namibia and you're right the colours are difficult to capture on a camera. Your photos are fabulous though.

  15. I came to check your comment settings...Works great!
    Only two clicks and it's done!
    Anonymous comment has to be written by human being so you can always delete them, not publish at all.

    I love your photos! Like those elephant pics - amazing!
    You got a new follower! :) Thanks to Lisleman!
    But as you know I don't get your response to my comments because our platforms are different.
    BUT main thing is to have - connection!

    Have a good day!

  16. Thanks for your visit and kind comments BLOGitse.

    Yes, you're right I can delete obnoxious anonymous comments - it seems that there are some people who go from blog to blog leaving nasty comments - I must be honest and say I don't particularly like 'anonymous' comments, even when they're 'nice'.

  17. These pictures are so absolutely gorgeous. Just stunning! : )
    LOVE your work.

  18. Thanks for your visit and kind comment Kaishon