Friday, August 6, 2010

Bach In Spayce

Image Credit: Unknown

Hey Friends,

Well, I've finally made it back to cyberworld after a tough two months in the North.

I managed to do a big chunk of building - I'll post a few pics soon to show you where I'm at.

It wasn't all work though and last week I visited the Etosha pans and had a hair-raising encounter with a herd of Elephant (yes, I got pics).

Jeepers, I don't know if it's just age but, every time I'm off-line for a while, I have to re-learn so many things.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to catching-up on your blogs and having a bit of interaction with you.



  1. Yippee, so glad you are back. It has seemed an absolute aqe since you left. Looking forward to all the news especially the elephant story.

    I know the feeling when you have been off the computer for a while. Your fingers do not seem to do the right things any more and then you wonder, 'how did I do that last time':-) Diane

  2. :)))) Infaw :)

    Thanks Diane :) the Jumbo story will be coming soon ...

  3. so you were working on your stone house?
    Looking forward to reading and seeing your elephant story.
    I'm just finishing up a trip and will be posting about it soon.

  4. Heya lisleman - looking forward to reading about your road trip ...

  5. Hi, so great you are back on line. I'm looking forward to seeing your building efforts, the elephant story and your holiday pics if any. I just got back from visiting up north about 4-5 hours from where I live by road. It was so hot! Of course, perhaps it is hotter where you live, lol, so it's all relative. Back at home I'm so relieved it has been raining for two days. I hope the rain spreads as we have approx. 400 fires burning in my province.

  6. Hello and thank you Penny - it's great to be on line again ..

    From down here it seems that the whole North is on fire - I've been looking at some of the temperatures in Russia and they match anything Namibia experiences ...

    ... I didn't have a holiday and I have a bit of editing to do before I do the Elephant and house pics.


  8. hehe good one gg - thanks

    do you have any recipes for Elephant pie?


  10. hehe ... beautiful ... I woke up this morning dreaming about Elephants, it wasn't a nightmare but it wasn't a good dream either ... they could 'talk' or communicate with me somehow, I can't remember ...


    (ps... gin due soon!)

  12. jeepers! ... this one takes me back to my teenybopper days ...

    ... sorry, I'm all out of gin ... can only offer some green?


    (Gin arrived; what's Green? And don't say grass!)

  14. It seemeth that teenybopper has a new meaning;


  15. Haha - thanks for cheering me up ...


    No, I won't say it, not on a family blog ...

    ... excuse me while I step outside for a few minutes ..

  16. ohmygoodness, I wish you hadn't shown me that, my whole life has been an illusion - I'll never use that word again ...

  17. And we finish raiding youtube with;

    one of my most favourite pieces by JSB. Night-night from here!

  18. thanks gg - I'll watch it when I come bach inside ...

    ... and a good night to you!