Thursday, August 13, 2009

Black Widow

OneStonedCrow Pics

My daughter was moving some pot plants, (the legal type), a few days ago, when her boyfriend noticed this lady about 6" from her hand, ... known locally as the "button" or "violin" spider, it can inflict a serious and in certain cases, fatal bite ...

It was the first time I'd seen one and I tell you, for the rest of that day my arm hairs were standing on end ... I'm a lot more careful now when messing around in the garden

I can handle snakes, ... but spiders ... eeek!


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  1. Geez, what great photos! I live in New Mexico, USA and here in the southwest we have so many of these guys. They love wood piles, bits and pieces of junk, the underside of a cardboard box left on the ground, the under lip of plant pots (and the bottoms), etc. I see them EVERY time I move things around. Often more than one.

    Fortunately they are non-aggressive and will bite only if trapped between hand/foot and whatever they cling to. They are mostly active at night. Usually if they are disturb they will drop to the ground in a little ball in hopes that they aren't seen and can crawl away one you are gone. The males are smaller and usually harmless.

    I grew up in Maine and we had nothing poisonous there. But here we have rattle snakes and black widows and few other creatures to watch for.

    I have really enjoyed your site this morning. Loved the UFO article also. Fascinating as to the curiosity it brings up. Great photos as well.

    Thank you.