Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's the second time that I've spotted a bright object in the Eastern desert sky at sunrise.

This is the best I could do with a 300mm lens.

Enlarged slightly - I can't see an aircraft body or wings?

OneStonedCrow Pics

It slowly disappeared behind the mountains before the sun rose in a cloudless sky.

Any ideas? ... please don't suggest that it's the Flying Spaghetti Monster - I don't believe in her ...



  1. Saw exactly the same thing over Bryant, Arkansas clouds clear like your picture. When I saw it I was driving. I pulled over to take a pic and it was gone.saw it a few minutes later 5 miles down the road hovering over I-30 freeway.

  2. @Anonymous

    Thanks for your feedback - I was wondering if it could be a low-orbiting satellite but the 'vapor' shape causes me to doubt this ...