Monday, August 10, 2009

Do It Yourself

OneStonedCrow Pic

I saw this HIV/AIDS awareness poster at the Kasane border post in Botswana, ... I chuckled and snapped this pic.

I wonder how many countries would allow a poster like this to be publicly displayed without it causing an indignant uproar?

Thumbs up to the Botswanans for being so in-your-face.

Alas, I fear the message is not getting through though, ... I didn't see ANY blind dudes with furry green palms there ...



  1. Well, I'm speechless ! It could only be in Africa, hey ?! Good for the Botswana'ns for being so 'in your face' as you say - can't imagine the reaction to something like this in .... errrr .... America ?!

  2. Hehe Lynda ... I must admit I was surprised when I saw this but then, to my mind, Botswana is probably the most progressive country in Africa (except for their treatment of the San people) ...

    ... I also like their stand against poaching ... you don't mess with their Anti-poaching Unit, they shoot first and ask questions afterwards ...

    ... and Botswana is the only country in the region bold enough to speak up against Mugabe and his cronies.