Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shebeens And Shenanigans

Three Way Divorce Club

Papa Carlitos

Mike's Shebeen

Jealous Down

Zit Bar

Australia Oukwanyama

A few pics of the many shebeens, (or 'Cuca Shops' as they're known locally), found throughout Namibia, ... some of them have really funny names.

They are popular social gathering spots and are a means by which people make a living in a country with a high unemployment rate.

Most Cuca Shops are licensed and legal.

However, as in many other places in the world, alcohol abuse and the evils associated with it, is a serious problem in Namibia.

The word shebeen is of Irish origin - sibin in Irish Gaelic.

Cuca Shop is derived from a Portuguese make of Cuca Beer.


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  1. thanks for the comments on my blog.
    I find it strange that this old Irish word would stick. I guess calling them a pub would be wrong since they were initially illegal?