Friday, August 21, 2009

Quiver Trees - Aloe dichotoma

Quiver Tree and weathered dolerite rock dykes, the white marking on the rock is caused by the excrement of rock rabbits

OneStonedCrow Pics
Sociable Weaver Nest ... the nest is decades old

Aloe dichotoma, also known as Quiver tree or Kokerboom, is a species of aloe indigenous to Namibia and the Northern Cape region of South Africa. Known as 'Choje' to the indigenous San people, the Quiver tree gets its name from the San practice of hollowing out the tubular branches of Aloe dichotoma to form quivers for their arrows.

According to Wikipedia, 'Aloe dichotoma is cultivated in the southwestern United States for use in landscaping. The slow growth rate and relative rarity of the plant make it a particularly expensive specimen.'

You can see more of my Quiver Tree pics here



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