Saturday, September 12, 2009

Adopt A Fairy Circle

Photo Credit: Unknown

In an effort to raise funds for the NamibRand Desert Research and Awareness Center and the Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust, Namibia's famous 'Fairy Circles" are being put up for adoption.

Here's an extract from a recent article in Namibia's New Era newspaper:

About 500 “fairy circles” on the Namib Rand Nature Reserve have been adopted since the Adopt-a-fairy-circle project started.

Fairly circles is a name given to mysterious bare circles in the sand that dot the landscape along the edge of the Namib Desert stretching from the north-western Cape into southern Angola.

Although the number of fairy circles on NamibRand is not yet known, the reserve is 172 200 ha in size, approximately 40 percent of which has fairy circles.

These circles, which support little flora, are an integral part of the distinctive landscape of the NamibRand Nature Reserve.

While numerous scientists have researched the circles, no one has yet been able to ultimately determine their cause or purpose.

Various theories of the origin of the circles have been suggested, including euphorbia poisoning, animal dust baths, meteor showers, termites and underground gas vents.

“In the modern world of advanced research, innovative technology and information networks, it is refreshing to know that nature can still keep some of its secrets,” says the Namib Rand Conservation Foundation brochure.

Photo Credit: Thorsten Becker
You can find more info on these mysterious Fairy Circles here and here


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