Monday, September 14, 2009

Floating Bar

OneStonedCrow Pics
Images of a floating bar at the Zambezi Lodge Hotel on the Zambezi River, Katima Mulilo, northern Namibia.

Notice the 'Beware Of Crocodiles' sign in the top pic.

I wonder how many drunks have ended up in the drink here - even when I crossed this floating bridge stoned cold sober I felt weird from the bobbing and swaying - maybe when you're pissed it kind of compensates and feels like you're walking on solid ground ... I dunno ...



  1. interesting bar and great pics.
    Do you see many crocs in the area?
    How do they keep the beer cold?

    Hey just a suggestion (I find it interesting and helpful), sign up for the free sitemeter tracker. The free one (I'm cheap and still using the free one) tracks the last 100 visits. It's interesting looking the referrals to your site. Sometimes you get search and location info and other times you get less.

  2. Howzit lisleman ... thanks ...

    One doesn't actually see many crocs in the area the pics were taken but further to the East on the Chobe river many can be seen sunning themselves on the river banks ... some massive critters too ...

    ... but hippos are a bigger danger ...

    beer ... hehe ... well I don't drink the stuff myself but most people have cool boxes for their outings ...

    yes I do have an invisible sitemeter - I want to find a decent hit counter now

    thanks for the visit

  3. What a cool bar... but so scary to see the crocodile sign!!!