Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ethiopia - Omo Tribes Body Painting

'In the confines of Ethiopia in Africa, centuries away from modernity, Hans Sylvester photographed during six years the tribes where men, women, children, old people, are geniuses of an ancient art, body painting.

The Omo Tribes are genius of body painting, and their bodies of two metres high is a huge canvas.'

Wow! ... beautiful people and a great set of images - see more here.



  1. the ear decorations would be too much for me. I have a neighbor who started enlarging his ear lobe when he was about 18.

    The piercing and tattoos remind me of these African tribal traditions.

  2. Hehe yeah, the ear-lobe thing is a bit much ...

    ... but it's amazing the effect they're able to achieve using natural materials ...