Friday, September 25, 2009

Horned Adder - Bitis caudalis

OneStonedCrow Pics
Bitis caudalis

I often encounter these well-camouflaged snakes when walking in the desert at dusk, the time that they're most active. Adults average between 25 and 40cm long; they eat small lizards, rodents, birds and frogs. The Horned Adder's name is self-descriptive.

Their venom is mildly cytotoxic,(tissue destroying), causing swelling and much pain, accompanied by shock and local necrosis but has not been known to be fatal.

With reference to the two lower pics, a friend returned from a walk in the desert and told me she'd seen a snake. When I went to investigate, I found that it had just given birth. I counted five babies who were just escaping from their egg-like sacs. Mama was not very happy to have me around,(center pic), so I snapped a few photos and retreated in case I stepped on one - as you can see, they blend in very well with the sand.



  1. Very cool pics - loved the bug ones too!

  2. Thanks HD ... there are so many things in the world to photograph - I just wish I was a more accomplished photographer - I'm more like a nature paparazzi ...

  3. Woho, Mr nature paparazzi. Some evening walk. Are you sure you are not Danny Archer?

  4. Haha OG ... noooooo, I'm not Danny Archer - honest ...

    In fact I had to Google DA to find out who he is - and no, I've not seen the movie either ... :)

  5. I find myself being the spastic signage paparazzi - but that's because I'm in the city - so documenting a different kind of nature : (

  6. lol ... I've got a few of those too ... signs and people are the only reason i can find to visit a city ...