Monday, September 21, 2009

The Desert In Flower - Part 1

OneStonedCrow Pics

In 2006 the southern part of Namibia received unusually good rains. A few weeks later the desert burst into a colorful spectacle - old-timers from this area said that it was the first time in their lifetimes that they had seen such a display.

More pics here.

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  1. That's amazing about the burst of flowers only a few times in decades. Great pics
    So how long have you lived in Namibia?

  2. Hi.

    Wow it is truly amazing, almost unbelievable. Thank you for sharing.

  3. lisleman & Ocean Girl ... thank you for commenting - I took hundreds of pics at the time - it was truly amazing ...

    I've been in Namibia since the early seventies but only in the southern desert for the last five years ...

  4. Amazing photos. I lived in Southern Africa for 50 years and saw most of it but sadly not Namibia. I now realise what I missed.

  5. Thanks for the visit and comment Diane ...

    ... yes, it's a pity you never got to see Namibia while you lived in these parts - but it's not too late yet ...