Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On The Road in Namibia

Tropic Of Capricorn

In my travels in Namibia, I pass this sign every two months. The main highway crosses the tropic about 14km south of a small town named Rehoboth. It is a popular photo-op stop for tourists, hence the rubbish bin.

Dust Devil

I guess Dust Devils are similar to tornadoes but without the latters' destructive power, they form from the ground upwards. They are quite scary sometimes; they can lift the roofs off houses and if you drive through one your car gets buffeted around quite a bit and becomes difficult to control. In the pic, two faint, smaller dust devils can be seen forming on either side of the main one.

OnestonedCrow Pics

"Karosse" are mats, wall hangings and other curios made mainly from the skins of springbuck and sheep. The people who make them are Nama subsistence farmers and they have their stalls along a 10km stretch of road in the south of Namibia. Because trading is not allowed on the road verges, they erect stalls, (mainly for shade), on the other side of the fence but hang their wares on the wire to attract passing motorists.


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