Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Karin Preller - South African Artist

Karin Preller

"Continuing my exploration of family snapshots of a specific era, the paintings are based on photographs taken in the Kruger National Park during the late 1950s.

Reproduced and enlarged in oil on canvas, the peculiarities of small faded snapshots are emphasized and enhanced.

As snapshots, the images are indistinguishable from thousands of others; as paintings, they possess a particular affective quality which retains our gaze ..."



  1. Your work rocks! kudos brother I wish I had the courage to show mine! I'm a legend in my own mind but your work is totally kool.

  2. Hey mouthwideshut,

    Thanks for the visit and for commenting - i appreciate it ...

    Please note that the artwork featured here is not my own - I try to showcase and link to other (especially African) artists ...

    ... my artwork is in the rock house I'm building and I'll post some images of what I'm doing sometime ...

    please post your artwork online so that you can become a legand in our minds too ... :)

    regards from Namibia