Monday, September 7, 2009

Mesosaurus Fossils - Mesosaurus tenuidens

OneStonedCrow Pics

The Mesosaurus is probably one of the most convincing examples to prove the drifting of continents. These formations are between 280 and 320 million years old.

I took these pics at the Mesosaurus fossil site which is located quite close to where I am now, in a stunning part of the country, surrounded by Quiver tree forests and amazing dolerite rock formations.

You can find explanations of the significance of the fossil finds here and here.



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  2. Thanks for the visit and kind comment Pablo - I certainly will pop in ...

  3. very interesting post - so if I understand correctly, the fossil can still be seen where it was found. Or has it been moved?

  4. Hey lisleman ... yes, the fossils shown here were only found very recently - the farmer was repairing a farm road and his young son brought him a fossil which had been unearthed ... upon investigation there were many more ... digging for additional fossils has been stopped because they are protected by law ... I guess that in the future sometime a properly organized scientific dig will take place ...

    Thanks for the comment